10 Jobs that will be Soon Replaced by AI

Digitization of the world is the beginning of the end of all the traditional methods of work. Since the evolution of computers and the advancement in artificial intelligence, human lives have gone through a drastic change.

Thinking about the technological advancement and AI have impacted the human life, it can be said that it cannot be pinned down to an extent, it will continue to get more and more advanced as we move forward.

Artificial intelligence, in itself, is a very broad term. Simply put, artificial intelligence can be defined as the ability of computers to learn like humans. They can perform humanly task in a better and more efficiently than humans eliminating errors and saving more time. It can be said that AI has redefined the way people used to perform a single task. Be it performing facial recognition or driving a car, it has changed and improved our way of life.

Several studies and researches conducted on jobs has shown a higher chance of getting replaced by AI machines, robots and automated devices. Here is a list of certain jobs are likely to be replaced by AI machines in the coming years.

  • Couriers

Courier services will never be the same with AI machines taking over. Drones and automated devices are continually taking over courier services and is only a matter of time that robots and automated devices will replace the job of the delivery boy.

  • Proofreaders

Many software’s and proofreading tools are used today by many blogging sites to eliminate errors. It is a probability of change of about 84% that this job will be replaced by automated software’s and tools completely in the coming years. Today there are many online tools and software’s which enables the writer to check not only grammatical errors but also plagiarism along with letting the writer correct sentence fragments and structures.

  • Receptionists

The possibility of automation of the job of a receptionist is up to 96%. Automated phoning and scheduling systems are being adopted by many businesses and multinational companies that are replacing the receptionist’s job to being fully automated. 

  • Bank tellers and representatives

Before this, the ATMs took the human banking job away and later, the smartphone banking apps changed the banking game. According to several reports and researches, the remaining bank teller and representative’s jobs will be taken away by AI. It won’t just be able to conduct cash transactions but it will be able to open accounts and control loan procedures at a fraction of cost and time taken by a human employee.

  • Financial analysts

Once thought to be indispensable, human, financial analysts can no longer compete with the artificially intelligent financial analysis software which is able to read and recognize trends in historic data in order to predict future marketing trends. It is no surprise that financial analyst job is likely to be taken over completely by AI in the coming decade.

  • Advertising salesperson

Advertising has gone under a drastic shift from print media to TV to online and social media marketing. Today businesses are acquiring new trends in advertising and marketing. Social media offers thousands of options to marketers, which makes marketing and advertising easier for them. Similarly, there are other marketing platforms which help marketers in promoting and advertising their products.

  • Designing

With amazing tools and AI operated software’s, designers are able to produce creative designs for companies and business. Not just that, there are many online AI-operated designing tools available that can be used by entrepreneurs to generate affordable logo design.

  • Security guard

The technology used in the field of security has admirably evolved in the past decade. With facial recognition system to high-tech robotic guards, AI has made quite remarkable advancements in security.

  • Construction workers

The job of the manual labor is also under threat by AI. Robo-Bricklayers will soon be presented at construction sites enabling machines to replace human workers in the construction business. Although human force will be needed to operate the machines, the construction process is still going to be faster and efficient than before.  

  • Farmers

Robot farmers are continuously used at farming spots harvesting crops at an impressive rate. In Kyoto, Japan, the first robotic lattice farm was inaugurated and included an all-robot farming staff which is responsible for planting, harvesting and taking care of the crops.


As the world is moving toward automation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no jobs left for humans. AI is machine learning and needs human assistance to be perfect. It is merely here to take mundane and repetitive jobs rather than more complex ones. You must remember that the intellectual and creative thinking of a human mind can still not be replaced by any machine or automated device, but is only going to enhance and better your process of work.

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