5 Online Business Ideas That Make Money (2019)

If you are interested in starting an online business, there is no better time like the present days. We are living in an era that is ripe with opportunities. And that’s not all. There is more potential for monumental business growth than ever before. Whether it is online trading or any other crazy business idea, anything can work as long as you are dedicated.

Interestingly, you do not need a lot of money and time for that. Of course, if you have both, then you are already ahead of the game.

Looking for inspiration? Try from the following online business ideas:

Online Trading

Speaking of online trading, let’s start with that. No matter where you are physically located, you can open a trading account and operate it with the smallest investment. But that needs thorough research and understanding of the financial markets. Then you also have to pick the type of trading – whether you want to go for forex trading, equities, binary options or CFD trading.

In trading, your strategy is your shield. Hence why experts emphasize on designing a well-thought strategy. It must take into account the percentage of risk you can afford. When choosing online trading as a business, remember one thing. It is not a get-rich-overnight business model. It takes patience and most of all a well-constructed trading plan for success.

Start A Podcast

If you have a hobby or a passion, why not spread your knowledge about it? How, you ask? By starting a podcast on it. It is going to be 2019’s most influential online business idea to earn. Many people are doing it already.

The podcast is essentially free, you earn money through sponsorship deals. You will be surprised to learn that sponsors are willing to pay so much money to include just a short clip of their product in a podcast. As long as you are sharing valuable and relevant content with your audience, they will listen.

Need some inspiration? Take some from the “Entrepreneur on Fire” podcast by John Lee Dumas. It brought a net income of $400,000 in March 2018. Crazy! Isn’t it!

To get started, find your niche and focus on growing your audience. Then, connect with sponsors and look for ways to monetize.

Affiliate Marketing

This online business idea has been around for a while and it’s not getting old in 2019 either. Affiliate marketing lets you partner with brands and businesses. As you mention a product or service in your website, you link to it using an affiliate code when signing up for that particular affiliate program. You get paid when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

The question is, how to convince a visitor to buy? First of all, you must partner with affiliates related to your blog. Then, produce informative and valuable content around that product.

Along with signing up for different affiliate programs, sign up for an affiliate ad network that offers different affiliates in one place. If you know your audience and you have built up enough traffic to generate sales, you can earn with any affiliate company.

Professional Organizing Services

Do you like organizing your home? Then how about starting your own online service business? Become a professional organizer just like Marie Kondo. You can use your decluttering skills to make $50 to $125 an hour. How great is that? And if you are thinking that you will only have to work with hoarders, then the answer is no. In fact, today, more and more people are hiring professionals to organize their homes. They don’t want to take the stress of organizing things. If it helps, you can peruse it as a side business. You can work during nights or weekends only since that’s the availability of most clients.


It may not be the top most recommended online business idea but it’s certainly something that brings money. Plus, you can start it with minimum investment. You will have to learn some basic Search Engine Optimization and content marketing to make people notice your work.

There are different ways to earn from blogging such as:

  • By displaying ads via Google Adsense. You get paid per impression or click.
  • By promoting the products and services of a company to your readers. This process is known as affiliate marketing and it’s already discussed above. Whenever someone buys the product/service using your affiliate link, you get paid.
  • By writing paid reviews or paid articles.

Make sure you choose the right monetization method. No wonder most bloggers fail to earn with this business model. Don’t forget, blogging isn’t just about writing informative content, you also have to use SEO best practices to promote it.

Summing Up

These ideas to earn through online business are just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other ridiculous ways to make money. For example, don’t want to do live trading? No problem! Simply start a YouTube channel about CFD and you are all set to make money. You will never know unless you try!

Sadia Khan

I am a digital marketer who believes that the right content promoted on the right platform at the right time is the key to success. I help businesses to promote and sell their products and services to customers via the organic medium. My expertise is to create a brand reputation in the market using various content marketing strategies. My goal in life is to provide value and not just sell the product. I am a strategic planner, a critical thinker, and a project manager who knows how to communicate and collaborate successfully.

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