How to Apply for Multiple Visas When Planning a Trip to Multiple Countries

When a traveler takes out his voyage with bag and baggage, he plans to visit multiple cities and countries in a single trip. But you know applying for one time is itself a daunting task, so how can you think of applying for another one at the same time! Well, you should know that applying a visa may seem daunting, but it’s not. You can apply for multiple visas at the same time for different places where you are required to show a visa to enter the country. When you are on around the world trip, it will be a smart move to apply for both visas at the same time.


When you apply for multiple visas, keep an eye on the time it may take to avoid a further collision. Make sure, you apply for a visa in advance, as it may happen that a particular embassy takes more time to approve or reject a visa. In such a situation, you may face scarcity of time for applying for the next visa.

Material support

Well, many of the countries ask for almost the same documents to be submitted while applying for a visa. It would be wise to keep the second set of documents for the next visa application, while the processing of the first visa application is under process. The documents needed in general are- passport with minimum 6 months of validity, passport size photograph, bank statement that must prove that you can bear the expenses in another country, health certificate (few countries may ask you) etc.

No one can assure you a visa approval until you get it. So what if your visa application gets rejected? Your whole travel itinerary falls into uncertainty and many times financial losses are incurred. It is recommended to keep enough time in your hand to re-apply for a visa in case of rejection. Not only rejection but also some spelling errors in application or via can create panic. So, it is always better to keep extra time to undo the mistakes.

When you plan for a Dubai tour, you definitely consider visiting other places and countries in middle-east. In that case, you need to apply for multiple visas. Applying for a single visa is quite tedious, so you will need to choose a good and reputed visa provider services like Emirates visa consultant. By choosing a good visa provider you can have a hassle-free visa application procedure and get approval within 3 to 4 days of applying.

Since you have got your visa now. Pack your bags, let the fun begin, and enjoy traveling to multiple countries.

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