Lifeasapa Foundation Will Make the World a Better Place

Scientists are concerned about the situation in the world today. Information about harmful emissions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other terrible cataclysms appears daily. Why is it happening? Why is it happening now, in the age of new technologies, when almost all resources have become available to humankind? Are people forced to deal with disasters, starve and put up with the absence of a roof over their heads?

The founder of the Lifeasapa Foundation expressed his opinion on this matter and said that primarily, humanity has to blame itself for these problems: we deplete the Earth’s resources, take away minerals, pollute water and air. If we do not take action now, later the Earth will easily get rid of a man as of harmful parasite. But how can we solve this problem?

What are the solutions?

Lifeasapa’s team of scientists have an answer to this question, which is connected with cutting-edge technologies. The company is actively engaged in the study and improvement of artificial intelligence algorithms. It is already possible to observe how helpful the latest programs are in terms of warning people about the upcoming catastrophe. A striking example of these is computers and installations that can predict the weather and possible impending cataclysms for the near future. This is such a huge breakthrough in science, as it has saved millions of people’s lives already.

However, Lifeasapa believes that prevention is not enough. It is necessary to move forward and find a solution to the issues of Earth’s resource depletion. There are already a few ideas to stop gas or oil usage as fuel by transiting to solar energy. Firstly, it is not depleted, and secondly, harmful impurities from the currently used fuel will no longer get into the atmosphere.

The next step in solving global problems is preventing pollution of the world’s oceans. Statistics on water pollution and emissions of harmful products are depressing. Is it possible to completely purify the water? It may sound fantastic, but Lifeasapa scientists have their own plan for this – the creation of ocean domes. They are planned to be placed over the oceans, which will create a condensation process and exclude the possibility of drought. In order for people to have access to fresh water, floating houses equipped with a purification and filtration system will be placed under the domes that will clean the ocean and prevent it from being polluted again. It sounds like a fantasy story, but in the 21st century, it is a feasible reality. Perhaps we will not be able to use such a water purification method shortly, but it is a possible and existing option for solving the problem of water scarcity and drought.

Every day numerous dangerous and fatal diseases claim hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people’s lives. Unfortunately, no cure has been found yet for all of them, but Lifeasapa is also working on medical projects. According to their plans, for a start, robots will manage to help diagnose the illness at an earlier stage, so that the treatment is occurring in a timely manner. In further future, the company is planning to develop a system that will not only recognize disease cells but also select a special treatment based on its earlier assumptions.

Today, one of the most frequent deaths is car accidents on the roads. The first cars which are controlled by artificial intelligence, hence do not require human intervention, are already available to people. The robots can assess dangerous situations on the road and prevent them. Moreover, thanks to the absence of the antisocial factor, the car cannot be scared or panic, so it does anything possible to prevent a collision, by pre-evaluating all the options and their outcome.

Without any doubt, we can say that artificial intelligence is not anymore a fantasy from books and movies, but today’s reality. And this reality will be the salvation for the planet and all life on it. The development of technologies cannot be stopped, everyone needs them. Scientists make sure that the planet becomes a comfortable home for all its inhabitants, and this, in their opinion, can be achieved only if you treat it with care.

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