10 Common Logo Design Myths Debunked!

In today’s hectic world, time is a valuable resource. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs. Therefore, it would be prudent to not waste resources into aspects of your business that don’t require it yet. This case applies to your logo design too. While a logo is admittedly an important part of your company’s and brand’s identity, it’s not something you need to spend your precious time and money on when you could be concentrating on building up your brand first. Many design firms would charge an exorbitant amount for designing a company logo. Here, we have compiled a list of a few common logo design myths and misconceptions for you to keep in mind while planning for your business.

Few Common Logo Design Myths and Misconceptions for You to Keep in Mind

  1. You Must Have The Perfect Logo To Start Marketing

It’s one of the most common myths. When a business is just starting, there’s a need to first build up a consumer base and a steady stream of revenue. Once you have a stockpile of resources ready, that’s when you can think forward about marketing and advertisement. Having a top-class logo for your company at this point in time should be a secondary concern.

  1. Once Your Logo Is Set, Your Brand Will Start Selling

Your first priority is to reduce the barriers between your potential customers and your product inventory. For that, you will have to focus on research and market analysis on what the consumer actually wants and is willing to pay you for. No amount of money spent on branding or designing a logo will be of help to you if there are no products that sell or appeal to the consumer.

  1. The Logo Must Represent The Company

The logo of a company is to associate its products to the business and increase visibility to the potential consumers. It’s essentially a long-term investment in the hopes that when your company’s brand value increases, you can reap the rewards. However, it’s mainly to differentiate one’s own business venture from those of others and give one’s own products an appeal.

  1. Logo Designs Must Include Symbols

There’s no particular need for logos to compulsorily have symbols in them. For example, many companies today forego having a symbol in favor of texts, yet their services are extremely popular. A logo is a company’s symbolic identity, and it’s that trust in the company’s identity that will cause your products to sell.

  1. A Logo Should Be Everlasting

This is another common myth that’s heavily propagated. No, it’s absolutely not necessary for your company’s logo to be a timeless piece of art. On the other hand, not changing or redesigning the logo with the changing times can be linked to stagnation. It’s advisable to have a few slight changes in your logo to keep up with the changing times.

  1. A Great Logo Means Great Business

Worrying too much about having a great logo is not necessary. While a good logo would definitely help out your business, that’s only in terms of brand visibility. Your business will turn profitable only after you put in hard work and deliver quality products and services. 

  1. Any Logo Will Work

Unfortunately, this is just not true. While it’s not good to completely be focused on the “perfect logo” for your brand, it’s still important to think about it properly. Your logo must differentiate you from the rest, but not be too gaudy either. It’s also advisable not to use a generic logo as that has a high chance of failing to generate interest in your business.

  1. Designing Logos Does Not Need Creativity

Again, not true. In fact, logo design requires some of the most intensive creative processes that you will need in a business. It’s striking a balance between unique and familiar while capturing the essence of your brand that will define the perfect logo for you. As such, a high degree of creativity is required.

  1. Logos Should Be Complex

Yet another myth that can be easily debunked. Some of the most successful businesses in the world have simplistic logos that are appealing to the people and have a charm. It’s not necessary for a logo to be complex.

  1. Logo Designing Is Expensive

While the resources required for a logo design do seem to be quite daunting, it’s not necessarily so. Logo designing is usually expensive since most people lack the basic knowledge about graphic designs so they outsource the task to a third party, usually a logo designer or a graphics firm. 

However, there are a number of third-party applications on the market that can help you create and design your logo, at a nominal charge and without the need to apply for membership. For example, Shopify offers a logo design application known as Hatchful, which enables you to choose from hundreds of pre-stacked templates and design your logo. Being free to use, it’s also extremely user-friendly, so even a complete novice in the field of design is able to use it.

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