Practical Men’s Underwear Maintenance Tips

Your underwear is your first line of fashion. Therefore, care for them well despite their short lifespan. You need to optimize them during the few months you use them to protect and cover your balls.

So, how do you maintain your sexy men’s underwear to serve you longer and better? Below are practical maintenance tips to enable you to enjoy your undies. Keep reading to learn and benefit more.

Men’s Underwear Maintenance Tips

Continue reading to find out some helpful men’s underwear maintenance tips:

Wash Carefully

Washing is the first and one of the most important underwear maintenance practices. So, how do you wash your sexy men’s underwear correctly? Here are tips to enable you to wash them well.

  •  When washing them, only use color-safe bleach when you want to deal with bacteria.
  •  Turn your underwear inside out when cleaning to minimize wear and tear on their delicate materials.
  •  If your undies are stained, always apply a stain remover before tossing them in the washing machine.
  •  Use mild detergent to wash your undies.
  •  It’s safer to wash them at low temperatures below 30 ° C to maintain their elasticity and color brightness.

Dry Them in Fresh Air

Drying is another sensitive area you have to pay attention to if you want your underwear to serve you better and longer. It’s advisable to dry them in fresh air. Don’t expose them to high temperatures because excess heat can break down their fabric. Also, exposing them to extreme heat damages their elasticity. Remember, hang drying your undies also saves you electricity costs.

Regular Trimming

You also need to trim your underwear regularly. Trim all the loose threats and remove every pill ball to enable them to last longer. Yes, this little routine may seem tiring, but doing it pays you dividends later. Trimming your undies ensures that the pill balls and lint don’t attach themselves to other things. Eventually, they remain and look as good as new.

Read Instructions Before Washing

You should also take time to read and follow the little care instructions given on the sexy men’s underwear before washing them. You need to check out your underwear’s label and set your washing machine as per those instructions.

Pay Attention to Care Symbols

Well, they say that symbols communicate and have meaning. It may not seem much important, but reading those symbols is beneficial. Every symbol on those undies shows you what you should do and not do to them. Here are some of the most common “don’t” symbols to pay attention to.

  • Iron
  • Tumble dry
  • Bleach
  • Machine wash
  • Dry clean

Store Them Separately

The way you store your sexy men’s underwear also matters and contributes to their longevity. It’s beneficial to store them separately from the rest of your clothing. This tip applies, especially to sweaty clothes, like your gym gear. Separating them keeps them off bacteria that could cross over to your undies.

The facts are out. Taking care of your underwear shouldn’t be a punishment or riddle any more. Applying these tips will enable you to enjoy your sexy men’s underwear better and longer.

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