Project Management Profession or PMP is a certification which is internationally recognized which is designed in professional way which is to be offered by the Project Management Institute(PMI). As on 31 July 2020 there are total 1,036,367 active PMP certified individuals and along with 314 chartered of chapters across the whole 214 countries and also with worldwide territories. Basically the exam of RMP is based on the PMI Project Management Body Of Knowledge. The project of the Management professional certification is formulated, offered and also governed by this prestigious certification of Project Management Institute (PMI).

Aspirants who all are willing to get trained to get PMP Certification will going to be really a turning point in those aspirants life as because it would like to take up higher and also profound job roles in many multinational corporations.


Behind this certification there is many benefits that a candidate may get from this certification. Let’s come know about those benefits one by one;

  1. The program of Project Management Profession enhances the level of skill which is required for the management of project along with the latest guidelines of the PMI.
  1. This is offered professional certification for the management practitioners.
  1. Instructor of this certification will be provided with the latest or the advanced tricks on how to resolve the answers to the given questions in short period of time.
  1. Assistance of the trainers helps other candidates so that they can work out more on practise questions to highly enhance the chances of passing the examinations.
  1. This PMP course and training in Washington DC gives guaranteed job opportunities as because it is globally recognized.


Agile Certified Practitioner or ACP is a type of certification which is provided by the PMI OR Project Management Institute as because it is PMI – ACP. ACP is a type of Certification which carries a high level of professional integrity as because it is a combination of the training of agile on the projects of Agile and along with this they examine the fundamentals and tools also. This certification is recognized globally and it also aids people in meeting with the requirements or needs of associations which depend on the certification of Agile practitioners to apply their diversified skills so that it can undertake the projects in the manner of the efficient.


Getting a PMI Agile Certification Practitioner(ACP) Certification is a beneficial highly for the aspirants which will help in their field of Agile Project Management.

  1. Those candidates or aspirants who all are the credential holders of PMI – ACP will be able to gain knowledge of the tools of agile and also practices to all those current employees who all are working in the organization.
  1. Becoming an agile certified practitioner this will implies that an aspirants can attestation which will show the professional ability.
  1. Gaining of the certification of PMI – ACP will help to increase the adaptability in the agile technologies  which will help to increase the team’s productivity and will also help to enhance the satisfaction of customers.


Certified Associate in Project Management or CAPM is a kind of credential which is offered by the Project Management Institution or can also called as PMI. The CAPM is a certification of the entry – level which is for the project practitioners. This is specially designed for those candidates who are having less experience of the project. The CAPM is there to intend for the demonstration for those candidates who will get to know about fundamental knowledge, terminology and also those processes of effective management of project.


Getting and and also attaining the CAPM certification will open up a wide range of opportunities. Let’s come and know some of those benefits;

  1. Candidates will get many more opportunities which will help them to flourish in their future more with the help of this certification.
  1. Through out this course a candidate will not only get good salary and job opportunities but will help every individual’s growth in personality. This will automatically enhance the confidence of a candidate.
  1. As it is a entry-level of course this will help to a candidate to get a good job profile as it is designed for those who all are having less or no experience of projects.

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