8 Mistakes Every Animator Should Avoid While Creating an Animated Movie

Making a mistake is a common human trait, but there are some errors that cost a lot when they start to backfire, especially in our career. Since creating a perfect animated video is a work of delicacy and utmost perfection is required to make the video a big success, it is important that the number of mistakes committed by the animator should very less.

Conversed below are some of the most common mistakes that animators do not notice that cost the animation video to become a failure.

Common Mistakes Every Animator Should Avoid

Mistake # 1: Ignore the Duration or Length of the Video

The timing of the animated video plays a very significant role in making a video animation big success. Some animators ignore this fact, or they are too busy to follow each and every instruction of the clients that they overlook the importance of keeping the duration suitable. The biggest problem of mismanaging with the duration of the video is that if the video would be too long, then it would cause the audience to lose their attention and interest in the video. Whereas of the video would be too short, then it might confuse the audience as there might be some information missing to convey the complete idea or all the information is delivered too swiftly for anyone to grasp it.

In order to avoid such a catastrophe, it would be better to keep the length of the video under proper management.

Mistake # 2: Ignore Little Problems

Another big mistake that many animators make is that instead of catering the problem at the time of occurrence they ignore to bring a proper solution to it. Such action causes the animators to face immense difficulties, or you can say a pile of all the problems in the end or later on in developing the video. The best practice would be to solve each problem then and there so that there would be no issues at the end that would cause damage to an animated video.

Mistake # 3: Include Too Much Details in a Single Timeframe

Some animators that are asked to keep the length of the video too short or has been handed over a very complicated script to follow tends to overload the scene with too many information at a time or by including so many objects in a single timeframe making it look so complex.

If you think that, the duration is not enough or the details are too much for a scene, and then discuss this problem with the clients and get everything adjusted and under control.

Mistake # 4: Simplicity Nowhere to Be Found

What some of the video animators do not understand is that too many ornamentation or flashy objects repels the audience rather than attracting them, until and unless there is a requirement of such features in a particular place. Keeping the entire video too tacky might cause the video to be a failure.

It would be a better decision to create the characters, objects, backgrounds, and other accessories to be very simple and classy so that it would catch the attention of the viewers and they would feel interested in watching the video.

Mistake # 5: Adding Inappropriate Sound or Music

It sometimes does not cross the mind of some people that adding too loud music would affect the narrations causing disturbance for the audience and disable them to hear the dialogues. Also, some animators make the mistake of adding wrong music that does not go with the situation.

Professional video animators providing the most pleasant animated video production services, always keep this point in mind that they are supposed to keep the background music low at the time of the speech, and must add the relatable sound according to the circumstances. This entire act only shows how the professionalism of the video animators.

Mistake # 6: Apply Too Much Animation in One Scene

Over animating any scene merely means that you are trying to deliver too much information in a limited time. The major disadvantage of this practice is that then it will complicate everything; the audience will not be able to pay concentration to any one activity and result in failure to notice any particular information. It would be highly suitable if you would keep the activities to the minimum and only assign the action to the necessary character or objects.

Mistake # 7: Hire Any Random Person for Voiceover

It is very essential to hire a native speaker for the narrations so that accent would sound relatable to the origin in which the video has been made. The big mistake that many animators or video animation makers make is that they hire the narrator that cannot speak the native language that ultimately leads the animation not to give the right feel.

Mistake # 8: Avoid Studying the Movement Psychology

Movement psychology is essential to learn because it let the animators to know how much time they have to assign to each action, which is dependent on many things such as the weight of the object or character, height, and traits of the object and characters. Since it tells so much about how to put animation in the right order, still many animators do not bother to study it that cause the activities in the video to look frail and unstructured.

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