Top 3 NES Emulators For PC In 2019

How you can play NES games today on your personal computer? A cartridge won’t fit and there are no possible modifications you can make. It looks like this is an impossible task. Actually, it is extremely easy. Get an emulator, download NES ROMs and you are done. All of this is possible simply because emulators are great software developed for one purpose only, to play classic games on Windows PC. But, which emulator is the best in 2019? There are three choices.

Best NES Emulators For PC In 2019


best nes emulators pc

RETROARCH is the best emulator for windows that is here due to a reason. It is capable of providing the best possible NES gaming experience on any PC and it runs smoothly, without any issues, errors or etc. You can play literally any game you like, just download the suitable ROM, load it and you are ready. The thing we all liked about this emulator is its development, which has been completely focused to mimic the original NES gaming experience as much as possible. Additionally, you can adjust the graphics and play classic NES games in high-resolution. It doesn’t get better than that!

Players can also tweak graphics settings, save games, take screenshots and etc. Sounds perfect right? Actually no. RETROARCH is a complicated piece of software. It is very complicated to set up for the first time and you won’t be able to get a lot of help. Luckily, there are new developments in the guide section so the next time you use this emulator, it is going to be easier. The bottom line is, this is the best emulator and it provides the best NES gaming experience. It is available for Android as well.

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  1. Virtuanes

best nes emulators pc

Virtuanes is another, a bit different emulator for PC that comes in its own light. The biggest advantage is the overall simplicity mixture with great features. You can use it on all Windows operating systems and it will work well. However, it is available for developers only, meaning that the version still has a few bugs. We actually tested it on several operating systems (all Windows) and we discovered that it is almost a stable version. Don’t expect to find huge bugs or expect crashes while playing a game.

There are several, nice things Virtuanes offers. The biggest one is the ability to choose any resolution you like. There is support for a full-screen mode which is unsupported by most, other emulators. You can use cheats as often as you like, save game, take screenshots and etc. The emulator is generally easy to use and you won’t have any issues with accessing the features, setting up or something else. It is the best choice for beginners and those who just want to play NES games as soon as possible.

  1. Fceux

best nes emulators pc

Fceux is a bit strange emulator. The main advantage is in the compatibility it offers. Players can play NES games but can also load ZIP, RAR,and many other formats, making this emulator suitable for gamers who want to play various games from the 90s. As a user, you can use cheats, record game play and adjust the gamepad precisely as you like. The support for controllers is obvious. If you are a developer, you will appreciate the ability to tweak ROMs. Yes, with the emulator you can actually hack a ROM file and make any adjustment you like!

The overall simplicity is excellent. This means that the emulator can be used by beginners and intermediate users. On the other hand, if you are a hardcore gamer, you will want to try a developer’s mode and edit ROMs, hack them and do so much more. The only drawback is an inaccurate color palette that is present in all games. But, you can correct that.

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We spent hours and hours looking for the best NES emulators on the web. The list above is the proof they do exist and they are more powerful than you can imagine. These 3 emulators are capable of elevating your gameplay to a completely other level and they can help you play as you used to a decade or more ago. At the same time, they are loaded with additional features.

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