Best gaming mouse 2018 – Top 10 gaming mouse for 2018

The best gaming mouse is what every pro wants. Online Gaming and E-sports are getting more competitive by the second in today’s time. As the price-pool for winners in competitions are getting heftier by the minute. Every Gamer craves for the best specs for a beefy gaming PC, Along with this the peripherals also need to be very precise and top class quality. As in games like CSGO and other competitive FPS games, its all about taking the right shot at the right time.

Which is done in a matter of milliseconds. yep, that’s all the time needed to define a winner or a champion in any E-sports games.

For this, obviously, you need the right gear for battle. It is good that anybody can build a gaming PC easily at home in 2018 following one of many Gaming PC builds available online. But what about the keyboard and mouse?

As most of the builds available online try to get you buying either their own brand’s mouse and keyboards or their sponsors. But what actually are the Best gaming mouse in 2018?

Well like always we have made a list of the best gaming mouse.

We have concluded this list through sheer research and after reading hundreds of gaming mouse reviews online. After considering these gaming mouse reviews and taking a look at professional’s choices for computer gaming mouse, we made this list. These are the mouse you might have already seen in some gaming competition or might have seen some gamers online on Twitch, YouTube, etc using these gaming mice for laptop or PC.

Best gaming mouse 2018

Steel Series Mouse Rival 600 gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut 2
1 – Steel Series Mouse Rival 600
     Price: 116$ on Amazon.com

The Rival 600 has the world’s best dual optical sensor system with the world’s first true 1 to 1 esports sensor. It has State-of-the-art lift-off distance detection, 256 weight and balance configurations and Split-trigger 60-million click mechanical switches. All these specs combined make the Rival 600 gaming mouse best gaming mouse of 2018. It has also won some awards for being the best of 2018.
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Asus ROG Spatha gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
2 – Asus ROG Spatha
     Price: 159$ on Amazon.com

The Asus ROG Spatha comes with Programmable 12-button design optimized for MMO gaming. It has Increased flexibility, you can play in wired or wireless modes. It also comes with Easy-swap switchable socket design for customizable click resistance. Along with Customizable ASUS Aura Sync RGB LED lighting effects across three areas. The body has a Solidly-built magnesium alloy chassis. Also has Built-in flash memory to save your favorite profiles for your preferable gaming choices.
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SteelSeries Sensei 310 gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
3 – SteelSeries Sensei 310
      Price: 54$ on Amazon.com

On number 3, we have yet another SteelSeries Gaming Mouse. The Sensei 310 has an Exclusive split-trigger mouse button design. Omron 50-million click mechanical switches and an Ambidextrous design with pure silicone side grips.
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Logitech G903 gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
4 – Logitech G903
      Price: 117$ on Amazon.com

The Logitech g903 is an upgrade from the previous version g900. It is a speedy and Light Wireless gaming mouse Trusted by top esports athletes. Comes with Logitech’s Most Accurate Optical Sensor to provide Pixel-precise performance. It has a Lightweight Construction to provide Superior comfort and speed. Along with this it also has a Customizable Ambidextrous Design to fit your hand and style.
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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
5 – Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
      Price: 104$ on Amazon.com

Both the G903 and G900 are Logitech’s top mouse for gaming. Although the newer version has some little more advancements than the G900, still the G900 has not lost its charm. It is still preferred by many Pros because of its Power efficient technology for high-endurance gameplay, and its Exclusive Clock-Tuning Technology for Faster and more reliable performance. It comes with 11 Programmable Buttons to have all your gaming Control at your fingertips. And with Programmable RGB Lighting also, because what is a gaming mouse without RGB lighting?
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Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
6 – Razer Naga Trinity
      Price: 99$ on Amazon.com

The brand name Razer is known worldwide because of the gaming performance on its devices. Majority of esports athletes prefer Razer over any other. The Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse has More Ways to Customize than most mouse. it comes With interchangeable side plates for 2, 7 and 12-button configurations so that you can transmute your mouse to suit your gameplay. Each button is designed to stand out so the chances misclick are very low, and they provide tactile and audible feedback so you’ll be assured of every actuation.
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Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
7 – Razer Ouroboros
      Price: 79$ on Amazon.com

Razer Ouroboros is known for its Fully Customizable Ambidextrous Ergonomics. it provides comfort on different levels From an adjustable arched palm rest, with a retractable back, as well as four interchangeable side panels, the Razer Ouroboros is fully customizable to your personal needs. It fits perfectly with any hand length, shape and grip-style to provide comfort and reduce fatigue over the extended period of gameplay.
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Asus ROG Gladius II gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
8 – Asus ROG Gladius II
      Price: 94$ on Amazon.com

The ASUS  ROG gladius II is an Ergonomic optical gaming mouse. It is specifically optimized for FPS (first person shooter) games. It features a push-fit switch socket design, Aura RGB lighting with Aura Sync-support and DPI target button. The Asus Rog Gladius II comes with a Detachable cable design and ROG pouch for convenient portability and storage. It provides easy customization of button, performance and lighting settings.
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Logitech G Pro gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
9 – Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse
      Price: 49$ on Amazon.com

The Logitech G pro provides Comfort in use because of its Functional design. It has Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor to provide Pixel-precise performance. Offcourse like any other gaming mouse in the market it comes with RGB Illumination. Also has 6 Programmable Buttons for better control of your gaming. It comes with onboard memory to save your settings. And has an overall lightweight and durable design.
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Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse - best gaming mouse of 2018 - top 10 gaming mouse 2018 - trendMut
10 – Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse
        Price: 39$ on Amazon.com

 The Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse as the name implies has RGB lighting which is Four-zone 16.8 million color backlighting. Along with this it also has 8 programmable buttons and super-responsive switches. And is lightweight for faster gameplay. Although the Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse is from a couple of years back, but still in 2018 this mouse is kicking it. The lighting can be adjusted to any color you like but except the Corsair’s logo. Which is for some reason Stuck on This yellow. Many other companies also make their logo color not changeable. But its still a problem for the Pros who want everything color matched. Overall the mouse build quality is great and this particular model has stood the test of time, landing it the tenth position in our Top 10 gaming mouse for 2018.



These are the best gaming mouse out there that money can buy as of February 2018.
The wireless gaming mouse is what most gamers want, hence you can see a good amount of these on the list.

The Rival 600 gaming mouse had to be our best pick because of the obvious reasons mentioned above. On a side note, it’s our personal favorite too.

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