Oppo A7 Specs, price and release date

Oppo just revealed their latest budget phone, the Oppo A7. It will be in one for their budget smartphone lineups. As we know Oppo makes amazing budget devices. Oppo is also one of the parent companies of the worldwide known OnePlus. It’s no surprise that this phone will be packing a punch at a budget.

Here are some specs of the phone:

Oppo A7 Specifications

Oppo A7 has a lot of similarities to the Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro smartphones. Realme is also another Chinese brand that focuses on budget smartphones. It’s like a mix of both of those phones, they took some part from the pro and some from the normal one. And it made the A7. They announced Oppo A7x couple months ago, and that phone was a beast in the midrange price. It was packing a Full HD+ display, an amazing processor and a huge battery. Not saying this one doesn’t have a good batter (4500 MAh battery).  The Oppo A7 looks like a turned down version of that, with a very low price point.

Oppo A7 specifications

Oppo A7 Screen

The notch on the screen is a waterdrop notch like the pro, more on that later. The screen itself is 720p like the normal Realme 2, and so is the screen size 6.2 inches.  The screen itself is an IPS LCD panel, it wont have deep blacks like an LED panel but at this price its expected. If you like to watch a lot of movies, this phone might not be for you.

Oppo A7 Processor

A7 swaps out the MediaTek Helios P60 from the A7x and instead has a Snapdragon 450. This chipset lacks the powerful cores from the p60, using lightweight Cortex-A53 cores instead. All the 8-cores clock at around a 1.8 GHZ Cortex-A53. The phone won’t be as powerful as some other options but will be lightweight. It also has an adreno 506 GPU.

Oppo A7 Camera

The camera on the back is dual-cameras just like any other phone these days. They are 13mp and 2mp respectively. And the selfie camera is a crazy 16mp. But if you have used latest flagship phones you will know megapixel’s don’t mean everything. An example would be Pixel 3 it has a lower megapixel camera a 12mp and it is the best camera on a phone right now.

Oppo A7 Storage

The storage options are very good on the Oppo A7. You can choose between 3GB/4GB of RAM, 32GB/64GB of expandable storage. If you are the type of person who downloads a lot of music, games or movies then choose the 64GB version. 32GB just isn’t enough these days, games are going up as 5gb per game. Movies should be okay on this phone as it has a 720p display no point in downloading 1080P movies.

Oppo A7 OS

The phone will be running on the old Android 8.1 with the custom ColorOS 5.2 by Oppo. It’s a disappointment that a new android phone doesn’t have android pie. Still, the ColorOS skin by Oppo is offering Google Lens integration, a Smart Bar window for multi-tasking, and audio-only playback for local videos. And they haven’t removed the headphone jack which is a huge plus.

Oppo A7 Waterdrop Notch

The notch ever since created by Apple have been an annoyance. They always used to come in between when watching videos. Once you notice them it was hard to look away. But the notch created by essential phone was the best. It was about time we saw that implementation in most phones rather than the ugly iPhone’s notch. So here it is its called the Waterdrop Notch.

Oppo A7 Battery

The phone has a massive 4,500 MAH battery, it will most like last more than a day. And 6hrs of on-screen time or more this can only be checked by using the phone. It will be a shame if the phone cannot last a day with such a big battery, but it has been seen before the bigger battery doesn’t always mean more battery life. It all depends on the software and battery optimization by the makers.

Oppo A7 Price and release date

The Oppo A7 is priced around 230 USD. Which is a shame, you can buy a lot of different and better phones at this price point. You would be better off going with a Moto G6, or Xiaomi phone around the same price point.

The phone will be made available by tomorrow. (November 22)

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