Let’s Talk About Virtual Happy Hours

Isn’t it a miraculous concept the ability to connect to the whole world with everything in your reach while you’re just sitting at your home enjoying being a couch potato? All you need is a simple internet connection and voila! The world is in your palm.

How many times have you felt bored of scrolling and surfing or going through just the same stuff daily, but you’re too lazy to go out, specifically during the pandemic in 2020? All of us have found some really exciting ways to enjoy time with our own selves, while managing to be at home, experiencing social distancing, and following SOPs. Here are our top recommendations about how you can have your virtual happy hours. Read, experience and enjoy.

Set Up a Virtual Community

Gather a few people that share a similar interest like book reading to create an online book club where you can share reviews or recommend books to each other, share links of eBooks, discuss and debate over the plots of different renowned books.

If you are a foodie, share your best cuisine experiences or your recipes to make your cooking time more fun. There are a number of different hobbies that can be shared with a community. It all depends upon striking the perfect common interest with your friends.

Game Night

Gaming is always fun, especially when you can choose with whom to play your favorite games with. Use your Spectrum internet connection and make a server where you can invite your gaming clan and enjoy your happy hour at your best.

There are a number of platforms such as GamerLink, Hustle Castle, Seek Team, and more where you can form the perfect gaming alliance with some of the world’s best gamers. Who knows maybe the best gaming team you have always wanted is waiting for you over there?

Record a Tutorial

Get yourself dolled up and shoot yourself with your mobile phone’s camera. Share your favorite make-up looks and your tips and tricks while you’re playing with colors and creating an artistic look for yourself. Afterward, you can share it all with your friends and family and help them learn the tricks and re-create the look.

Read an eBook

There is a huge ocean of knowledge in books; dive into the treasure through your internet connection, where you don’t need to step out or buy paper books. All kinds of genres, all national and international authors are now converting their books into eBooks, realizing the need for this era and the importance of the digital world around them. The books you might have been looking for too long or your all-time favorite author’s new release might be just a few clicks away, so download and enjoy.

Watch a Movie

What can be more enjoying and entertaining than a good movie? A good plot with a bunch of great actors would never make you feel alone or bored. Almost all kinds of entertainment industries are now uploading their content online, whether it’s a thriller or documentary.

To top it all off, you have a multitude of options to choose from as well. There are streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more, or you could opt for the best cable TV providers that also offer a diverse variety of options for you.

Online Theme Party

It’s been a little too long to since you may have seen or met your friends. Let’s make the most of this time by setting up a happy hour where you host an online themed party for your closest of friends.

Set up a time and data for your virtual party and send out an open invitation for anyone who wishes to join. Then come up with a theme so people would also look toward the fact that their friends would all be dressed up in goofy costumes on an online video call. There are also a number of great applications to help you out here, like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and several more.

Visit Places

Yes, as magical as it sounds you can even visit places while being at home, feeling comfy in your cozy bed but obviously with a gadget in your hand. There are a lot of networking websites and service providers that will take you on a virtual tour of your favorite place and it would be so realistic that every inch of your body will feel the aesthetic energy.


The world has now become a global village where everyone is connected and technology along with your internet connection will never let you feel alone. You just need to pick the right options that would turn your leisure time as your happy hours and start enjoying it.

Sadia Khan

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