Overlord – Review, cast and box office collection

One of the greatest categories of movies always is war. Almost all war movies have been pretty good and worth watching, The recent great war movies that come to mind would be last years Dunkirk and 2014’s Fury. War movies always have it all amazing action, suspense/drama, and great storylines. But there’s something about Overlord we haven’t seen much before in war movies that would be Zombies. The zombie genre has gotten very saturated, a couple years ago it felt like anything zombie related just couldn’t fail. Everything with the zombie was just blowing up like the amazing TV show The Walking Dead or video games like Left 4 Dead. Zombies were just taking over (no pun intended) but it has gotten too overwhelming now. Every game or movie that was coming out felt like it was gonna have zombies.

Zombies and war have only been seen before on the incredible movie World War Z. But that movie came 5 years ago and we haven’t seen anything similar yet. Until Overlord of course, but overlord isn’t like that there isn’t an apocalypse yet. This movie is awesome in short words. If you just wanted to know if it’s good or not there you go. But we have made a full review for the people that want to know more about it.

Overlord the World War II zombie hybrid

Overlord cast


  • Joven Adepo as Boyce
  • Wyatt Russell as Ford
  • Mathilda Ollivier as Chloe
  • Pilou Asbæk as Wafner
  • John Magaro as Tibbet
  • Iain De Caestecker as Chase

Overlord box office collection

Overlord had a budget of $38 million. The movie made about a $1 million on the first day of release. The movie is well on its way to a profitable weekend.

Overlord review

Zombies and action

The first thing to get out of the way is no it is nothing like World War Z if you were wondering.  There aren’t thousands of zombies running around. Matter of fact there is literally only 2 or 3 zombies. Okay, let’s talk about the plane crash scene from the trailer, we got to admit that scene was very intense. And almost every other action scenes when they do happen if they aren’t just sitting around talking for 70 percent of the movie. The movie is violent though which was a good change of pace from a couple of movies that have been coming out these past 2 months. Sometimes the movie does get very unsettlingly violent but that’s positive because the movie does take itself very seriously. Then the gore comes which makes you feel uneasy.


The story is interesting which we didn’t expect at all. We went in thinking it would be one of those over the top zombie movies. But no we were wrong the movie takes itself serious and prioritizes itself being a war movie first, a zombie movie after. After the first crash part, they resume their mission of blowing up this antenna and beating up this SS officer. And they just stumble upon this secret lab where the Nazis are making zombies now they have to deal with that.


Let’s talk about the characters. The characters are very cliché like there’s the one hero guy and there is one hardcore leader type guy and the last is the guy that makes silly remarks about everything. The details around the characters are alright we can’t explain it much because it contains spoilers.


This movie is definitely worth watching. Just don’t go expecting a zombie movie. We are telling you there aren’t many zombies only like 2 or 3 zombies in the whole movie. You should go in expecting a war movie that’s what it is. It is definitely the best war movie of this year. The action is incredible, it gets intense and the movie has quite a bit of suspense as well.

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