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Instagram Has Added “ALT Text” Feature And Here’s How To Use It

Instagram has added alt text to photos with an end goal to make the stage more open.

Clients can include their own custom alt text that can be perused by screen perusers to help those with visual impedance.

Alternatively, clients can let Instagram include alt text naturally, which will utilize protest acknowledgment innovation to produce a portrayal of the photograph.

How to add ALT Text to Instagram Photos

Below you will find how to add Alt text to Instagram photos amid the posting:

  1. Choose a photo to upload
  2. Add the filter if required
  3. Tap next
  4. Now, tap Advanced settings option available at the bottom of the screen
  5. Tap ALT Text
  6. Add the Alt Text
  7. Tap Done

You can also add ALT Text to your previous photos and this is how:

  1. Go to the photo you want to add ALT Text to.
  2. Now, tap the three-dot menu icon.
  3. Tap ALT Text
  4. Add the Alt Text
  5. Tap Done

Simple, no? So what are you waiting for, start expanding your accessibility by adding ALT Text to your photos.

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