4 New Looks You Can Complete with Oxford Shoes for Women

There has NEVER been a better time to get into oxford shoes for women y’all. We’re at the end of a decade and that means we’re about to enter the roaring twenties again. Ring in the second coming of the roaring twenties with some two-tone wingtips and sock hop your way to glory.

Oxfords have a bad rep as something stuffy or even overdone, but now that women’s shoe designers are updating the oxford for the 2020s, the sky really is the limit for all the cool outfits you can start pulling together.

Seriously, we could not be more excited about the resurgence of oxford shoes in women’s fashion. Here are four potential looks that you can pull off with a few pairs of killer oxford shoes.

Four Looks You Can Pull-off with Oxford Shoes for Women

The boss and a half academic

A solid, leather oxford shoe or even a bold, striped two-tone is a great foundation for an updated academic look. Does your office have a policy against tweed? Because it sure will after you burn the place down with the dry with and crackling sass you pull off with an oxford and tweed pairing. Goodness.

The neo 80’s sales lounger

Loafers are a cool little subgenre of the oxford, and a loafer based on that oxford style opens you up to a pantsuit-forward ensemble that leaves you looking like it’s 1987 and you just destroyed your quarterly numbers. Don’t overthink this one, just keep it simple.

Think jeans could also work with loafers for a more rustic approach to this look? Yea, we think so too.

The electric flapper

If 2020 doesn’t bring back wingtip oxfords, our disappointment will be literally immeasurable. Please, get on this trend with us and find a pair of two-tone wingtips and crowdfund a few remixes of the sockhop or whatever. Pair those wingtips with a few flapper skirts or even ripped jeans and you will be unstoppable.

Wingtips also look great with black slacks or even just leggings as part of a more moveable look.  All they’re going to do is take a cool outfit and make it BRILLIANT.

The pure class

Black oxfords, black slacks, long black jacket. Done. You will be mistaken for a Russian poet roughly 50% of the time and there will literally be nothing wrong with that.

And these are just some of the foundational ensembles you can throw together utilizing oxfords. What other looks do you think could work? Are we wrong for over-focusing on classics and not trying to push oxfords all the way into some beautiful cyberpunk future? Let us know below, otherwise, we’re so excited for whatever outfits you figure out with oxfords at the foundation.

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