The 6 Best Electric Scissors According To Area Professionals

When we talk about a manual tool that no technician can miss, we talk about the best electrician scissors, an indispensable tool in every hardware store, as well as keys, screwdrivers or pliers. This instrument is the faithful companion of professional electricians, and its function makes it indispensable for electrical assemblies, those that when done with a normal scissors would lose as much time as materials, in addition to its shape and properties help to reduce electrical hazards and those of working with a non-specialized scissors, knife or knife. The parts of a scissor are two blades with which effective cuts are made, generally at the lower end has a notch that facilitates the manipulation of the extensions at the time of removing the coating without the filaments being mistreated and that is why they use to work cables and strip conductors.

The decision practically depends on the size of piece that you want, and of one or another detail that can have the scissors to increase the comfort, ease of handling or versatility. After inquiring about several models of the market we made a list of six most convenient scissors you can buy from the gadgets trend, according to the opinion of the professional electricians. Here we present the best electric scissors: 

1. Facom SC.841A.3

The quality of this scissors takes precedence over others when they are manufactured in stainless steel both the blade and the handle, which guarantees the durability, edge and strength of the tool. The handle is covered with plastic and is also non-slip material for your fingers are firm, on the other hand its design is ergonomic and easy to use. The wire stripper is also precise and has three holes for different sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm in thickness, but if it is to cut cables the tool will easily divide pieces up to 50mm in diameter. It allows crimping, that although it does not do it as accurate as a professional crimper does the effect. It also has a high level of insulation, with a thick plastic and good touch. It is also among the best valued in the market and considering that not the most economical, is the most recommended among experts in the area.

2. Knipex 95 05 155

The strength of this scissors is in the handle made of two types of plastics and reinforced with fiberglass that gives a feeling of robustness and quality that makes the piece super simple to handle. It is also light, weighs only 110g and measures 15.5cm; It is the ideal scissor to take the first steps in the works of electricity, as well as to be used by women in the work of DIY.

The purchase comes with a protective plastic case to move the scissors safely, which can also be hooked into your tool belt. It will be worthwhile even for a continuous work and it will be an investment of affordable price that will leave you satisfied.

3. Bahco SC140

It is a scissors with a simple model and is the least expensive of our suggestions, however it has the typical hole that no electrician can lack to strip cables. Also its design is metallic, it has plastic rings and is capable of cutting pieces up to 48mm thick. Maybe it’s enough for sporadic work, it will also make precise, clean cuts and will perfectly fulfill its function. On the other hand the design makes it act with smooth movements, so you will not mistreat your fingers when using them.

4. Intercable 16020-F1

Apart from being cheap, it is one of the shears with more functions that you can find in the market. It is designed to cut, peel and crimp and has an ultra-comfortable coating that will facilitate each task. It is another scissors made entirely of steel which makes it have an unquestionable quality. It is accepted by professionals as a high efficiency scissors for performing well in all its utilities. You will be impressed by how solid it is and how sharp they are. These offer an exact cut, if they generate waste and if it is used for a domestic use the investment in it can be long lasting.

5. Wurth AISI 420

If you need a sturdy, strong, sharp scissors that perfectly fulfills your task without the need to invest so much money, this is the model you should buy. It is for professional use, and will become the faithful ally of any electrician. It has the peculiarity of having a wide handle, but with small leaflets, nevertheless perfectly fulfills its function and makes it easy to handle. To be a scissor with these characteristics has a low price, since it is considered one of the best options in the market.

6. 3 Claveles M19845

The popular 3 Claveles brand presents a super simple and economical proposal. The scissors has a basic model, but without subtracting the functionality you expect from a scissors like this.

It represents an evolution in terms of weight and design that makes it even easier to use with only 36g of volume. In the same way they are durable, they will leave the user satisfied and even more without investing large sums of money.

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