9 Important Queries Animator Should Ask Their Clients

Becoming a video animator might seem like an easy job when you have the perfect skills and knowledge about the video animation, but everything will start getting difficult if you were hired by the wrong clients who keep on creating troubles for you and interfere in your work. Creating an animated video is an extremely creative work to do, so with the interruption, it sometimes gets so difficult to achieve the high-quality and as well as maintain the commitment with the clients.

To evade any inconvenience in the future, it is very important to interview the clients as well before agree upon working with them. Following is the list of some imperative queries that you should ask the person you are willing to work for.

Queries Animator Should Ask Their Clients

Query # 1: What Is the Purpose You Need Animated Video For?

There could be much reasons for which someone would be asking for the video animations, as animated videos are not only used for entertainment purposes but also for the marketing campaigns.

Query # 2: What Does Your Company Do?

Knowing the business and target market of the client will help you stick to the related theme while carrying out the entire process of creating the video animations. Also, the knowledge about audience will let you know what type of content you have to follow in the video so that it would sound appropriate and does not get offensive in any way.

Query # 3: What Type of Video Animation Services Are You Looking For?

Since there are so many types of video animation agency, and every animation are created following different techniques and steps, it is important to know what type of animations the clients want so that the suitable steps will be followed to develop the best-animated video.

Query # 4: Have You Hired Any Video Animation Agency Before? (If Yes, Then Share Your Experience with Them)

If the client already has the previous experience of hiring the video animator or any animation agency, then it is vital for you to know what is the reason they are not rehiring the same place or person to get the services. If they say that they had a bad the bad experience with them that cause them to hire someone new, then ask the cause that lead them to have an unfortunate experience.

Query # 5: Who Will Provide the Script for the Video?

Some clients already prepare the script that they provide the animators to follow in the video animation, other clients they expect the animator to arrange the script on their own. Confirm this clause before you agree on providing the animation services so that there won’t be any trouble later on.

Query # 6: Is There Any Special Instructions You Want To Be Taken Care of?

Some clients provide some special instructions to be followed while creating their project like some people prefer that not too many people would be working on their project and some people want that a group of experts to work on their video. You need to make sure if your client also has a list of special requirements that they need you to follow.

Query # 7: How Soon You Want the Video to Be Delivered to You?

The timeline is very important in creating any video animation, as there are different phases needed to be covered in order to create a perfect animated video, the timeline should be realistic so that you can cover all the steps with ease and comfort to provide quality in work.

Query # 8: What Is Your Budget for the Project?

Makes sure that the clients are willing to pay the reasonable amount for the services they want to gain from you. If you think that the client’s budget is very low for the services then negotiate with them and try to explain how you divided the expense to make it sound justifiable to them.

Query # 9: How Will You Pay the Amount?

Some people like to pay after the project will be handed over to them, whereas some people settle on paying a certain portion of the amount in advance. But if you have the policy to take the fees in advance, then let the client know about this so that there won’t be any quarrel upon this later on.

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