Types of Khadi Sarees Online

Khadi sarees have embarked as a fashion statement in recent times. They are not only traditional but have also evolved today as Indo-western wear. Buying Khadi sarees online is gaining huge popularity even in western countries and the rest of the world. 

There are many well-established and emerging handspun Khadi manufacturers in the business playing an important role in the Indian economy. In this article, we would be talking about the top khadi sarees in the Indian market.

Types of Khadi Sarees

1. Khadi Silk Sarees

If you are a silk saree lover, then you should try out a Khadi silk saree. These sarees are among the best-selling khadi sarees in the country. Khadi silk sarees are made up of 50% Khadi fabric and 50% silk fabric. The unique design and texture of these sarees give them a rich and classy look. The Khadi Silk sarees come in wide ranges and different varieties. These sarees are also budget-friendly.

2. Khadi Cotton Sarees

These Sarees are the most original form of Khadi sarees, and they have an earthy and subtle appeal. This material is made from 100% cotton and woven on handspun yarn. The khadi cotton sarees are very light, as well as porous. This makes them suitable for all types of weather conditions. For formal occasions, you should buy khadi sarees online as they are eco-friendly and do not leave any residue during manufacturing.

3. Handloom Khadi Sarees

Handloom khadi sarees are cloth woven on a handloom. This is done using mill-pun yarns. Handloom khadi sarees are best donned at formal occasions as well as on casual meets. Since these sarees are light and porous, they are very comfortable to drape. They also come in several colors and textures. The texture of handloom khadi sarees is slightly softer than the pure cotton ones, which gives it a polished look.

4. Khadi Printed Silk Sarees

The coarse porous khadi fabric is easy to blend with other fabric materials, giving you several varieties to choose from. Printed Khadi silk sarees give a designer touch to the sarees, making them perfect for festive occasions. Khadi falls beautifully on all types of body shapes and also accentuates the curves. It comes in several colors and prints, which makes it perfect as an evening wear saree. 

5. Ponduru Khadi Sarees

The Ponduru Khadi sarees are among the best types of Khadi sarees available. Ponduru is a weaving and spinning town that looms in the Devangi, Pattusali, and Sali communities. Women belonging to the Pattusali community do all the spinning and processing to convert it into a fine yard.

6. Khadi Georgette Sarees

These are another type of trendy Khadi saree that has gained huge popularity among Khadi saree lovers. The net and lightweight texture give you a slimmer look along with perfect body shape.

7. Pure Khadi Sarees

The pure Khadi sarees can be understood as cotton Indian Khadi sarees that are lightweight and give a charming look overall. It is blended with polyester, denim, wool, and silk. Generally, pure Khadi sarees have a wavy look.

8. Banarsi Khadi Sarees

Different types of Khadi sarees come from different parts of India. The Banarasi Khadi sarees are known for their rich use of beautiful dyes and zari work. This is a must-have khadi saree if you are a saree lover. Many online saree stores offer such sarees at reasonable rates. The most popular and commonly seen Khadi Designer saree in India is a white Khadi saree. However, today one can see several colors in these sarees with different designs and themes.

9. Khadi Designer Sarees

These sarees are simple and elegant. Designer Khadi sarees are quite sought-after today and have become popular in the Indian fashion industry. It is a go-to fabric in the global market due to its comfort and style quotient. Designer khadi sarees are not very expensive and give you a diva look. 

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