13 User Experience That Help In Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not only to improve the ranking but more importantly, to increase the user experience on the website, so that the webpage designed by the website is more in line with the habits of netizens. Let’s take a look at SEO every day. 13 details to be noted to increase the user experience of the web page that helps in SEO.

How Enhancing User Experience Helps in SEO

Friendly site navigation: Site-friendly site navigation is very influential for users to browse and operate. Every time a user arrives at a page, he must clearly understand his current location, and know how to return to the previous page or return. It is recommended to use the breadcrumb function.

Clear and meaningful URLs links: Reasonable and meaningful URLs links can clearly express the content of the target page and contain keywords, preferably static display, illegal links or dead links are strictly prohibited.

Malicious pop-ups without malicious plug-ins: Although there are a lot of big-page pop-ups and a lot of plug-ins, it’s because they are too bully B. If you are confident that you can do then, you can use them more, otherwise you don’t have to be good.

No or no use of the framework : The use of frameworks is very unlovable by search engines.

Meaningful directories and file names: Overly complex file directories and file names, and deep directory hierarchies do not use search engine crawlers to crawl pages and are not conducive to viewers’ memory.

Less pop-ups in the page: Many people don’t know why they always like to open new pages in a new window, which is very unpopular, takes up a lot of computer resources, and affects browsing speed.

Appropriate use of new technologies: Most of the new technologies are only available to a few people, and they may have good visual effects or strong functions. However, excessive use of new technologies means that you will abandon most users.

The page load time is as small as possible: The faster the page is opened, the better the page size can be reduced to less than 10K within 10K, the page size should be optimized and optimized, and the code can be reduced and refined.

Use fewer flash and images: Appropriate images and flash can increase the effect of website pages, but too many flashes and pictures not only cause slow downloads of web pages, but also are not conducive to the crawling of web pages by search engines; For best images you can check royalty free images for commercial use.

The length of the page is moderate: a page is too long, and it is very annoying to require the user to drag the mouse constantly, not to mention that most users only like to see the contents of the first two screens.

The necessary interactive content: interaction allows users to better participate and express their hobbies and emotions; otherwise the web pages of search engine optimization are just cold tools.

Original content updated every day: Don’t let viewers feel that your webpage is full of expired useless information, or information that can be seen everywhere, there is no new content, in the vast amount of information, netizens cannot read, There is no interest in reading; just like the boiled water, this search engine optimization posts a blog every day, insists on daily updates, and the traffic and users will continue to increase.

The anchor text link in the web page follows the general expression: for example, most netizens think that the text with the line drawn is the link, you better follow this form better and more convenient to identify.

Of course, there are a lot of details that SEO web pages need to pay attention to. Stuffonix only sorts out 13 things that need to be noticed in general or ordinary web pages, as long as we follow the basics to increase user experience considerations instead of just optimizing for search engines. I believe that your website will be more and more popular!

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