5 Myths About Air Purifiers That You Shouldn’t Believe In

The use of HEPA air filters is nowadays amongst trends, especially in urban areas because of the elevation of the air pollution level, and people being sensitive to allergens. People develop different notions with regard to the usage of air purifiers in their houses or offices, most of them being a myth and not always true. So, here are some of the myths that have come up in people’s mind regarding air purifiers and the actual truth behind those.

Myths About Air Purifiers

  1. Switch your air purifier on and forget dusting the furniture:

People believe that air purifier cleans the entire air, making it dust-free completely. So, you do not have to sweep over the furniture again. This is not true. The usual speed of the air filters is kept low for most of the time. The dust deposits would probably not be there if the air filter fan is run on a higher speed and turning the fan to a higher speed near an uncleaned surface can have opposite effects to what is expected. Air filters do not pick up the settled dust. Moreover, the dust that settles over may not be airborne always.

  1. Tobacco smoke gets away:

Planning to get air purifiers for cigar smokers? Then choose the one which would actually get rid of all the ashes, dust, and obviously odor. Exceptionally, a less number of air filters have this property to get rid of the smoke completely along with the odor. The HEPA air filters having activated carbon-based matrix are the best choice if you are looking for one with regard to this category. Any random air filter might not help. These would just pick burnt cigar soot from the air, not the scent.

  1. Odor-free living:

Have you wondered why do you still get the smell even after having an air purifier? The reason is most of the air filters are unable to trap the chemicals and the volatile agents that cause the sensation of smell. In order to get relieved from odor, you must keep in mind about an air filter with its HEPA filter matrix containing high grade activated carbon. It is only then that the smell could be controlled.

  1. Allergies are gone!

No doubt air purifiers work wonders for people who are sensitive to irritants but, air purifiers alone are not complete solution or cure to the patients. HEPA filters reduce the allergens, but proper cleaning of the house, floor, and corners of the room, indoor plant screening, and carpet cleanings are a must. In addition to these, steam cleaner must be used. A dehumidifier helps to clear the dust clutter and not form again, thus controlling the dust mites attack. Using these two along with air filters can show even better results.

  1. The germs are killed:

A number of air purifiers claim to have UV rays to kill the germs and air filters for sure trap microbes and pathogens too. But the exposure time of the UV rays on these germs is lesser than the dosage. So, yes they catch hold of pathogens, but no they do not wipe them off.

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