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Specifications of a Scroll Dry Pump for Reliable Operations

Scroll vacuum pump or Scroll Dry Pump has a variety of applications, but it is primarily used to pump and compress gas and vapors. The increasing requirement of electronics and semiconductors has led to the industry growing by a CAGR of 7.9%. If you are looking to invest in these, here are the specifications and workings of the pump to ensure its reliable operation.

Shielded Bearing

The bearings should be shielded from the process gasses. It ensures that the oil and lubricants on the bearings are protected. If the gases contaminate the oil, it may be unable to act as a lubricant. It may result in the bearings becoming corroded. 

Better Performance with Lower Power Requirements

The enhanced versions allow optimal performance with 20% fewer power requirements. It gives the pumps the ability to pump large volumes of gas without performance loss. Optimal performance results in higher frequency cycles.


Pumps come in a variety of variants. For example, some come with internal valves and steel enclosures that protect the pump from the gases. Other options offer specialty applications like recirculation of gas, pumping of rare gases, etc. It also allows for recovery and applications where it is not possible to dilute gases. These variants allow for loss minimization and retain integrity.

Pump Control System

The kind of control mechanism that the pump has, goes a long way in its operations. Apart from the standard start, stop, and standby buttons, it also needs controls like speed. The pump can work fine without intervention at voltages between 100-127 and 200-240v.

No-Noise Running

A lab is often buzzing with activity, and the last thing you need is for your scroll vacuum pump to contribute to making noise. Pumps designed with low noise technology of 52 dB (A), are barely audible. This allows for crucial work to continue without the disturbing sound of the pump in the background. 

Service and Repair

Check with the manufacturer on the kind of service and repair facility that they offer. The priority should be to maximize uptime and minimize the cost of ownership. Ask them if they provide repair using genuine parts. Also, check if spares are readily available.

Try to find if the manufacturer gives remanufactured pumps at backup. You also need to know their warranty and extended warranty plans. Since your lab processes are ongoing, you need support and service that is ongoing. 

Applications of Scroll Dry Pump

Pumps have a wide variety of applications. Some of the most common are electron microscopes, lab applications, beamlines, drying ovens, load, lock, and transfer chambers, cryogenics, and leak detection. You need to make certain and specify the purpose of the pump to get the variant most suitable for that purpose. 

Typical Performance Metrics

The typical performance metrics of a scroll pump are maximum pressure of 10-2 mbar, speeds ranging from 3 and 60 m3/hour, leak-proof at 10-6l.s-1, noise less than 55.4 +/- 2.5 db(A), and suck-back protection. 

Scroll pumps are one of those employed from low to high and even ultra-vacuum systems. Because they are dry, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced. The industrial application means they have untapped potential. You can follow the above specifications to ensure the reliable operation of the pump. 

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