5 Awesome CBD Products that Made their Mark

Infinite CBD’s Vaporizer Cartridge

CBD products have gained fame now, Vaping remains one of the favorite methods to take CBD, and the Vaporizer Cartridge from Infinite CBD truly excels in this department. While most CBD Lion and e-liquids use mixing agents, this cartridge contains CBD isolate, offering users unrivaled purity and potency, learn more about them here.

Furthermore, Infinite CBD has also introduced a range of terpene-infused products, which are bursting with flavor and designed to deliver specific effects – it’s just like vaping marijuana, but without getting stoned!

The cartridges are superb value, with the 250mg and 500mg options sold at $24 and $36, respectively. The only drawback is the occasional report of cartridges leaking. But about the concept of CBD isolate in a vape cartridge? You can count us in.

Sacred Biology’s Deodorant

You can even get CBD deodorants now! The CBD aspect of this Sacred Biology deodorant works like any topical, but the clays, powders, and oils infused in this all-natural product will keep you fresh.

Many commercial deodorants are bad for the environment, but there are no harmful chemicals in Sacred Biology’s CBD alternative. Unfortunately, it won’t stop you from sweating as it isn’t an antiperspirant. But at $18, you can’t go wrong with this deodorant, which gives you a CBD hit.

Kiva’s Ginger Dark Chocolate

CBD edibles are a delicious way to enjoy relief from your ailments or to control your THC high. Kiva’s Ginger Dark Chocolate has an ideal 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, allowing you to enjoy psychoactivity, but never at levels which could induce anxiety or paranoia.

Each serving of Kiva’s chocolate administers 30 milligrams of both cannabinoids, with users reporting mellowing and relaxing sensations from the edible. The top-quality ingredients and high cocoa content make this CBD chocolate bar by CBD genesis has a comparable taste-wise to any high-end chocolate bar.

Depending on your metabolism, edibles can take 45 minutes or more to fully take effect, but this Kiva chocolate sure is great once it has! It’s available for $34.90.

Pure Kana Premium Drops

CBD tinctures are awesome, as anyone can use the sublingual ingestion method. Pure Kana’s CBD Oil is an excellent choice for tincture lovers with its all-natural, non-GMO ingredient list. No pesticides are used in production either.

Sold in mint and vanilla flavorings (Pure Kana also sells a ‘natural’ unflavored tincture), these Premium Drops are mightily effective and simple to dose with – the precise dropper ensures you’ll never take too little or not enough.

The only real downside is that these Pure Kana tinctures cannot be consumed as an edible as many tinctures can. However, this isn’t an issue, given there are no barriers to sublingual consumption.

Price-wise, Premium Drops are cheaper if you buy in large quantities – 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg of CBD cost $54, $98, and $139, respectively.

Wildflower CBD+ Capsules

What’s easier than taking a pill? Almost nothing, right? Wildflower CBD+ Capsules make incorporating CBD into your daily routine easy. What’s the “plus,” you may ask? The capsules also contain organic hemp seed oil, a good source of amino acids, as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Capsules (or pills) will always be the easiest and quickest way to medicate with natural or prescription medication. Wildflower CBD+ Capsules go beyond just CBD, offering consumers a fully-fledged health supplement, loaded with Omega 3, Omega 6, and amino acids from hemp seed oil.

A tub of these Wildflower capsules costs $79 and is an ideal size to carry with you, so you can medicate at any time. Take these capsules with either a meal or a beverage.

Final Thoughts – 5 Awesome CBD Products

CBD has now firmly established itself as the primary medicating compound in marijuana. Research continues at pace, so expect more medical uses to be discovered shortly.

This list is very encouraging for CBD, with so many types of products. Cannabis medication methods are no longer limited to CBD joints, bongs, and pipes, and consumers are all the better for it.

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