Why Choose Fibreglass Scaffolding Tower For Your Construction Project

Scaffolding towers are essential parts of every construction site. In Spite of the size of the construction project, builders need scaffolds to get more work done in the fastest way possible. Experts from scaffolding distributor and manufacturer Synergy Scaffolding reveal that different scaffolding products work best for any construction, renovation, or maintenance projects. It is also used as an integral accessory to help the workers finish their job efficiently. Some of the most common materials used in scaffolding include steel and aluminum. But if your construction project involves more electrical tasks, you need to consider using fiberglass scaffold towers. 

Advantages of Using Fiberglass Scaffold Towers in Construction Projects

Here are several advantages of using fiberglass scaffold towers in construction projects. 


Since most construction projects use scaffolding to deal with electrical jobs, using scaffolding made with aluminum or street materials can put your workers at risk of fatal electrical shock. To avoid this, you may opt to use fiberglass scaffold towers. The composition of fiberglass materials includes glass and resin. Both materials do not conduct electricity. For this specific reason, you do not need to worry about the possibility of experiencing accidental electrical shocks while working on the scaffold. 


Another benefit of using fiberglass scaffolding towers is the ease of transportation. The materials used in this scaffolding system are very light compared to other materials. It is the perfect solution if you need to bring the scaffolding in another part of the construction site. It is also handy if you can only have one scaffolding system to use on multiple construction projects. Fiberglass scaffolding towers are easy to carry and install because the materials used do not require too much effort to move around.  

Easier To Spot In The Workplace 

If the project location is in an open, outdoor space, the typical scaffolding systems may easily blend in with the surroundings. It will be a disadvantage to the construction workers since they will need to spend some time to locate the scaffolding. You may avoid this problem if you use a scaffolding tower that stands out in the workplace. Fiberglass scaffolding towers are perfect for this situation. It usually comes in highly visible colors like red or yellow. Because of this, all construction workers can spot the scaffolding faster compared to the conventional scaffolding systems. 

Corrosion Resistant

If you can only invest in one scaffolding system, you may consider buying a fiberglass scaffolding tower. Its non-corrosive material can withstand most working conditions. If you need to work on a chemical plant in a hospital, you do not have to worry about the corrosive environment. It is why you do not have to worry about surrounding the scaffolding with lacquer, oils, fuel, and most solvents.

You may also work in areas exposed to saltwater like beaches and the coastal regions if the scaffolding use materials made with fiberglass-reinforced resin. Also, fiberglass does not oxidize, unlike the regular aluminum scaffolding. It means that you may use the fiberglass scaffolding towers longer than those made from other materials. Because of this, you will get the most out of your scaffolding investment. 

Using fiberglass scaffolding towers has a lot of perks. Synergy Scaffolding even declares it as a competitive option when buying a piece of access equipment for your construction company. Because of these advantages, the building process in your project will run smoothly as long as you comply with the safety guidelines.

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