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The Expert Spanner Selection Guide

Spanners are extremely handy tools across various industries, necessary for twisting, fitting, and removing nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Whether your business trades in plumbing, electrical, automotive, or another service, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality spanner sets to ensure success.

Before you dive in and make a purchase, read through our expert spanner selection guide to ensure you make an intelligent and informed decision for your business.

How to Select a Spanner?

Now, let’s talk about some of the most popular kinds of spanner sets and their uses.

1. Box spanner sets

Box spanner sets are also commonly known as tubular spanner sets. It’s easy to identify these types of spanners thanks to their cylindrical, elongated shape—much like a tube.

A typical box spanner set will include several rounded metal tubes, normally with a hexagonal opening at either end. To use a box spanner, you place the hexagonal opening over the nut, helping achieve a stronger grip than standard spanners.

Box spanners are great for reaching tight, recessed, or otherwise hard-to-reach spaces thanks to their elongated shape. As such, they’re popular for manufacturing or making adjustments to lawnmowers, bicycles, vehicles, and other mechanical objects.

2. Ring spanner sets

Ring spanners are some of the most popular spanner types in Australia. They comprise a single metal bar that makes it easy to reach tight or recessed areas, similar to a box spanner. Their offset head or ‘cranked’ design makes it easier still.

Ring spanner sets are an essential tool to have in the workshop if you engage in automotive repair. A ring spanner set will usually offer a range of sizes and shapes, allowing you to work on any type and size of bolt without switching to another set.

3. Combination spanner sets

A combination spanner set is a must-have in every workshop. As you might guess from the name, they generally consist of several spanners and head types, making twisting, turning, and tightening a broad range of fasteners easy.

Most spanner combination sets contain jaw-type and ring spanners, providing a useful and functional mix.

Typically, a combination spanner set will consist of 12 to 28 pieces that differ in shape and size. Spanner heads can be flat or offset, depending on the job type. The type of set you choose will depend on your industry and your business’s unique needs—for example, you might choose a ratchet combination set if you regularly work in confined spaces.  

4. Insulated spanner sets

Insulated spanners are specialised tools designed to protect electricians and other tradespeople from electric shocks while working with live wires. It’s possible to insulate any size or type of spanner.

An insulated spanner set will usually contain several spanners of different sizes for different sized nuts and bolts. To protect users from shock, insulated spanners feature a rubber or plastic coating across the full length of the tool’s handle and occasionally the head itself.


Now you know all about the most popular and useful spanner sets on today’s market, you can start shopping! Make sure to choose a high-quality set that suits your business and industry’s needs.

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