Pack Your Bag And Take A Trip To Turkey!

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries of this world. The perfect blend of traditions and modernism, beauty that soothes your soul, the perfectly diverse in its landscapes and cities, Turkey is one of the best countries to visit once in a lifetime. Millions and millions of people travel Turkey every year and not to brag, but, not even one had regretted their decision. This beautiful country is not only gorgeous but home for really kind and heartwarming people. The things that you will surely enjoy in Turkey is its delicious food, historical places, tall empires, huge mountains, gorgeous villages, and cosmopolitan cities.

We are adding the most obvious reasons that make Turkey a must goto place for everyone in this world. If you are planning for a fun and soothing vacation then a trip to Turkey is what you need. Here are the reasons to travel Turkey and the Turkey tourists tips to make this trip even more amazing.

Reasons To Take A Trip To Turkey

The High Mountains


The mountains of Turkey is one of the biggest and the best reasons to go for a trip to Turkey. Mount Ararat of Turkey is one of the highest mountains in the world. This mountain is famous to drive more and more people to begin learning Armenian. Besides its beauty, it also holds historical and religious values. As it was the mountain where Noah’s ark landed after the world’s biggest flood.

The mountains in Turkey are wonderful for exploring your zest for skiing. Especially, in the winters, Uludag mountains serve as a paradise for skiing lovers.

A City Of Mountains

 Turkey has entire cities built in the mountains that add to its beauty and uniqueness. The town of Mardin is built inside the hills overlooking the beauty of the palace of Mesopotamia. The thin streets beautified with spice shops and ancient minarets are so awe-striking that will overwhelm you with the inner joy.

Gorgeous Islands


After mountains, Turkey is also a country of the islands. This beautiful country has about 500 of Islands and islets. Out of which, Akdamar is the most liked island that was once home for Armenians. However, today, it has become a magnet for the Turkey tourists because of the ruins of the royals, the trees of blooming flowers, giving an exceptional view of mountains and lakes.

Black Sea


How is this possible that you talk about the reasons to visit Turkey and miss its oh-so-beautiful Black sea. This is undoubtedly a view that no traveling lover would want to miss. This sea offers several ports and Amasra stood out of them all for its eye-captivating port town and the relaxation that it provides. It is quite deserted and that is like a cheery on the top, you have the beauty all to yourself.

Breathtaking Lakes


Turkey doesn’t let you down when it comes to offering a beautiful view of crystal water. Yes, this country is popular for its lake too. And out of all the breathtaking lakes, Van Lake will astound you with its blue water, depth, and the historical and archeological value it shares.

Captivating Valleys


Turkey lets you stroll in the awe-inspiring valleys of the country.Either hire a cab driver and enjoy the ride to the Deyrulzafaran Monastery. There you can enjoy the view of Mesopotamian Plains, a view that you’ll cherish for your life.

Besides this, the other great valley of Turkey is in Kelebekler Vadisi, the Butterfly Valley. You have to take a motorboat or sailboat to reach this amazing place. The view of thousands of butterflies flying and floating will make you go all awe-struck.

Wonderful Monasteries

A treat to the tourists, Sumela Monastery, located in the height of the mountains of Black Sea. This historic building will excite the history lover inside you by presenting you with some cool mosaics and preserved biblical frescos.



The beautiful landscape of Cappadocia will blow your mind with its beauty and the fact that how much this amazing country has to offer. The extraction of an unconventional fairytale, Cappadocia is a land peculiarity of honeycombed slopes and transcending rocks of extraordinary grace. The fantastical geology is coordinated by the mankind’s history here. And then the adventure it has to offer is overwhelming. Regardless you’re charmed by the thought of hiking, or the history, this region is an ideal place to go to calm the passion inside you.


Cappadocia lets you have the best time of your life by allowing you to hike the most amazing landscape ever. There are numerous free hikes you can go through various valleys and rocky arrangements, each with its own shape and shade of the rock.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

To us, watching sunrise or sunset in one of that thing everyone should do in their life once. And what you wish for more, when you can get to watch the beauty of a sunrise in a hot-air balloon? Yes, Cappadocia also provides the adventurous ride inside the hot-air balloon to amaze yourself with the beauty of the sun rising through the gorgeous landscape.

A Hotel In A Cave

What’s more? You can stay at a hotel in a cave, Uçhisar. It’s a castle on the hills of Cappadocia that lets you enjoy the vintage view of the fairy chimneys. An experience that you’ll admire for the rest of your life.

Stunning Towns


The astounding towns of Turkey are worth the visit. For instance, Safranbolu, which is built with the red-bricked roofs, lined along with the tiny cobblestoned streets, giving you an imaginary stroll to the great Ottoman era. Cats lover might freak out, but yes, these towns have the cute, little cats in abundance.

Then, Halfeti, that was submerged in water in the 1990s when the construction of the Birecik Dam was going on. However, now, it has been made higher, still, you can enjoy the boat rides of the dam.

The Historical Places

The entire country of Turkey is a treasure for history lovers. You can find a lot of places to rest your passion to explore historical places. Including the Blue Mosque, the City of Ephesus, the City of Churches – Ani, Ahlat cemetery, Hieropolis, Şanlıurfa (the birthplace of Prophet Abraham PBUH), and Konya (home of poets), this country has a lot to offer.

Magnificient Mosques


Apart from the natural beauty, Turkey is rich with the architectural wonders as well. The mosques in Turkey are breathtaking. And no matter, what your beliefs are, you’ll love to take a visit of these amazingly constructed mosques. Out of which Sultan Ahmet mosque is the true definition of great interior and architecture.This mosque is popular with the name “Blue Mosque” because of the way it looks.

The Castles

Turkey has loads of castles that holds the historical values and are a delight for the tourists and the visitors of the country.

The palace


Turkey was the home of empires and dynasties. You can still find some of the castles that will make you dive in the sea of astonishment on the view of their grace and power. İshak Paşa Sarayı palace is one of the famous palaces that is the center of the attention of many tourists who travel to Turkey.

Istanbul – The only city in the world on two continents


You are traveling to Turkey and you missed Istanbul, sounds funny-weird!

Istanbul is the dream city of many that hold great importance in the life of the Turkey admirers. This city is the only city in the world that resides on two continents; Europe and Asia. This city lets you live the modernity of Europeans with the modesty of Asians, a perfect blend of modern-traditions. With the beauty of both mosques and professional building.One person kneeled down on the rug to offer his prayer and the other dancing in the bar, this city is a perfect representation of what cosmopolitan cities life looks like.

The Mouth-Watering Food


The food of Turkey is world famous for its taste and deliciousness. If you are a foodie then this trip to Turkey is going to treat you in all the delicious ways. The kahvalti breakfast, a variety of kebabs (over 50) in lunch, and then Baklava – the epitome of paradise sweetness, there is nothing that you want to miss.

The Warm-Hearted People

The people of Turkey are graceful, modest, and down-to-earth. The feeling of missing your mom and homesickness apart, but the love and respect you’re going to get here will surely make you feel like home.

A heaven For Shopping Maniacs


Go for shopping before flying back to your home. You might like to buy a souvenir from the famous grand bazaar of Turkey. There is a whole lot of choices that will blow your mind. Bargain a little more, and grab one of the finest things that you like at the most reasonable price.

If you value money but also love traveling

Turkey, apart from all its beauty and amazingness, is incredibly one of the best cheap countries to visit. If you want to enjoy some quality time traveling but also care about your pocket then Turkey is where you go.

Tips For Your Trip To Turkey

You might need this tips before planning a trip to Turkey.

  1. Grab a visa. Good news is you can apply for a visa online. All you have to do is apply, pay, and print it.
  2. Book the accommodation wisely. If your budget is low, there are quite good yet cheap places to stay. And if you have no problem with the budget then the Whole Turkey is yours.
  3. Plan and divide your time. Prioritize the activities and places you like the most.
  4. Research a little about the history of Istanbul so that you may enjoy the trip better.
  5. Learn a few of Turkish words like Merhaba (Hello), teşekkür ederim (thank you), afedersiniz (sorry), Günaydın (good morning), iyi akşamlar (good evening), Hoşçakal (goodbye), Tamam (okay), bana yol göster (guide me), and more.
  6. Learn about some famous drinks and food that are famous about Turkey.
  7. Use the public transport to travel around.
  8. Beware of the scammers.

Pack your bag and take a flight to Turkey right now. You are going to have the best time of your life that too in very reasonable expense. If you’ve already been there then let us know how you like it and your experience.

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