Top 10 Things to do in Toronto

The capital of Ontario is brimming with vibrant options of entertainment and discovery. Narrowing down the list, here are the top attractions and activities of Toronto, you would not like to miss!

Positioned on the edge of some beautiful farmlands in Canada, standing as the financial and commercial center of country, boasting the multicultural diversity and celebrating international festivals, Toronto is a dynamic mix of tourist attractions. It is the ultimate destination to explore a unique kind of travel from astounding Niagara Falls to interesting Ontario Science Center.

The icing on the cake is the favorable and lovely climate of the city throughout the year. Here’s a roundup of places to go, food to eat, and things to do in Toronto.

10 Best Things to do in Toronto

Things to do in Toronto

Catch the glimpse of magnificent Niagara Falls

Counting the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls steals the crown. Flowing from the Niagara River for over 12,000 years, it comes down in the form of three waterfalls. There are several options to watch these amazing falls and applaud its jaw-dropping views. You can either stroll on the way that is below and behind of the waterfall under the ‘Journey Behind the Falls’ tour which takes 35-40 minutes, or you can splash the fun in the Hornblower Niagara Cruises. In the later, you stay stunned by the up close and personal sightseeing. Nonetheless, you can always view this from Table Rock Welcome Center.

Besides the exploration, eat great food, go cycling, drop off at wineries or play golf nearby.

Gaze at the iconic CN Tower

One of the sensational attractions of Toronto is the CN Tower. Until the Burj Khalifa came up in 2008, the CN Tower (553.33m-high) held the tag of world’s tallest free-standing structure and world’s tallest tower for 34 years. It still manages to be into 10 and create a dynamic presence among the tourists. Escalate to the top and enjoy panoramic views of the city. This is a thriving landmark and the moment you think you are over this beauty, you find a revolving restaurant that serves world-class cuisine, a glass floor that you can walk through, a virtual reality ride and an exciting Edge Walk where you can lean over the edge of the tower for a real thrill.

Visit the favorite Ontario Science Center

The famous Science centre in Toronto has been engaging people for a long time with its outlandish yet amazing concepts of science and technology. The kids will love the real-life rainforests, be wowed by the demonstrations and can learn through play in KidSpark. In the 8 halls, there are over 500 interactive sessions going on, the Imax displays the movies and Space Hall captures the wonders of the galaxy.

Shake it off at the Entertainment District

A trip without beers and parties is undone! And so, head off to the ultimate party destination in Toronto, the Entertainment District. Living up to its name, it serves every possible option from lively clubs to Rogers Center. Sail off to find some of the city’s best bars and restaurants, live shows, happening bashes and famous DJs. The next time you book the Canada visit visa, surely watch for this place that has got a fix for all kind of tourists.

Enchant the glory of the Edwardian era at Casa Loma

Would you believe an electricity multimillionaire went bankrupt soon after building this 98-room castle? Sir Henry Mill Pellatt wanted to bring his dream of a private castle to reality and decided to use up his fortune of $17 million (modern-day $412 million); 300 men worked for three years creating this 5-acre marvel- the largest residence in Canada. Spanish for ‘Hill Home’, Casa Loma features opulence, which is now open for tourists to look at this stylish mansion, rooms, chandeliers and more of its stunning interiors. Surrounding the castle is the lush flora of wildflowers and grasses looking fabulous with sculptures and fountains.

Celebrate hockey at the Hockey Hall of Fame

The love for hockey by Toronto natives is no more a secret. No, hockey isn’t the only official sport here, it’s more like a religion which everyone follows. Established in 1943 and spread across 65,000 square feet, it is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to the history of ice hockey. The legends of the game and their achievements are honoured. It’s a museum and a hall of fame, so you will also find finest hockey artefacts from around the world and watch the exhibits about players, teams, National Hockey League records, memorabilia and NHL trophy. You can shop hundreds of goodies, get a picture with the Stanley Cup and take a round of the replica of Montreal dressing room.

Learn the culture at Royal Ontario Museum

Inaugurated in 1914, Canada’s largest museum houses the unbelievable collection of 6-million artefacts and specimen, nestled in 40 galleries and exhibitions. Renowned as North America’s best cultural institution, it reveals the unparalleled examples of historical items from different parts of the globe. From 3,000 minerals and gems to fashion and architecture, the museum offers an unusual breadth of experience to visitors.

If you are a museum aficionado, you are definitely in for some great time. Check out the following too-

  • Art Gallery Of Ontario
  • MZTV Museum of Television & Archive
  • Textile Museum of Canada

Go on a shopping spree at St. Lawrence Market

This place is the heaven for people who crave shopping, foods and a bit more shopping. Over 120 vendors are opened to browse the best eats in the city. No matter what you are craving for- cheese, prepared foods, baked goods or meat, this place has got you covered. Try Cruda Cafe, Yianni’s Kitchen, Aren’t We Sweet and others for the fresh produces. Plus you can shop these grocery items as well as the handmade jewelry and clothing, to souvenirs and floral arrangements.

Say Hi to the wildlife at Toronto Zoo

Zoo and national parks never fail to create excitement among the tourists. This Toronto Zoo is thoroughly relished and rejoiced by the kids. Set in the artistic Rouge Valley, the zoo has over 5,000 animals from 450 species. Spend some family hours of adventure and recreation here. Passionate for protecting and caring the animals, the Zoo is a living centre for education and science too and you can observe the outdoor and indoor exhibits, education programs, special events, daily Keeper Talks and the Discovery Zone.

Have a picnic at the Toronto Islands

There is no better way than to soak on the beaches in Toronto Islands and escape the city’s hustle and bustle. These small group of islands are scattered in the Lake Ontario are a land of dreamy beaches and amusement rides. Hop onto the ferry and the 10-min ride from downtown will take you to a completely different world of green spaces, picturesque picnic spots, peaceful ambiance, old cottages and beachfront views. Join the fun with your kids in Center Island, go for a bike ride, and partake in the exciting amusement park, Centerville.

What’re you waiting for? Book your tickets and delve into the enthralling trip of life. Also, read How to get free air tickets!!

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