Why Money Heist Killed Tokyo (And Why They Shouldn’t Have)

Who doesn’t know what Money Heist is? The hype and love that this season has received are stupendous. People from all over the world have made this series a significant part of their lives. Money Heist is more than just entertainment for us. It is a pool of different emotions – tears, laughter, gasps, and gosh-s.

We cheered up every time they came out victorious, we felt their pain, we laughed with them, we cried with them, we all hate Arturito (damn, what a great actor Enrique Arce is). To cut short, Money Heist is among those series that have become the name of every household (almost). We feel connected to them in ways we can’t explain.

Everyone who has died on La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) has left a scar on our chests. Be it Oslo (Roberto GarcĂ­a), Moscow (Paco Tous), Nairobi (Alba Flores), or Berlin (Pedro Alonso), we have grieved their loss with them. But what threw us off (or at least me) is the death of Tokyo (Ursula Corbero). How unrealistic, saddeningly off, and a huge blunder it was from the writers of Money Heist (And to top it all, Arturito could still be very much alive).

But why does the death of Tokyo comes as a huge shock to the viewers and all Money Heist fans has the question, “Why Money Heist killed Tokyo and why they shouldn’t have”. Let’s explore all the “Whys” and discuss them logically. So, here it goes:

1. Tokyo is narrating the story

From the very beginning, Tokyo is the one who is actually telling the whole story. Dead couldn’t narrate and there is no need to turn the whole plot of the show-up side down – suddenly being narrated by a ghost. Tokyo felt more important than most of the other significant characters as she is the one talking us through their experience and connecting the dots. Be it getting back to the root of how it all started or just penning through past moments, the viewers are naturally drawn towards Tokyo’s voice. And to shut it right out is not just a plot twist rather could be a tragic downfall of an epic show.

2. Tokyo is the second lead character (first is Professor)

After professor, Tokyo is in charge, no doubt about it. we have already seen this in the previous seasons. We understand and totally accept the new additions to the series such as Lisbon. But it doesn’t really make sense to let Tokyo go because of the additions. Also, nor Lisbon neither anyone else can ever fill in Tokyo’s shoes. She is just so unique, her quite random anger bursts filled action, her quirkiness, and most of the time her rebellious nature leading to epic scenes will be just lost. The other actors are also pretty good at their part but Tokyo is just something that will feel like a whole part of the story is cut out. And for most fans, this could be a potential downfall. Hence, they could be tuning out of money heist after the exact moment of Tokyo’s death.

3. Tokyo is a survivor

Berlin shortlisted Tokyo for her smartness. From very early on in the series, Tokyo was depicted as the one who wins in the end or gets away with it. We see this when Rio gets imprisoned, and when among most chaos Tokyo escapes and then returns to the Mint flying on a motorcycle, or when Tokyo commanded everyone when they lost connection with Professor. This all makes people believe Tokyo is the designated survivor and that even in a time of total chaos, she is the person who can guarantee plot twists and the viewers can feel assured that they will like it.

4. The whole “killing the Tokyo” was a big blunder

Tokyo might be a robber but killing that strong character in a scene where it doesn’t just match up, is quite bizarre. Tokyo should have been the one, in the end, saving everyone including herself. Or at least the one to survive (much like Rose in Titanic). Killing this character just because that’s what generally makes a good TV show script is now very predictable. No one wanted it, but most predicted it. What no one predicted is the fashion in which she was killed. That made zero sense (We literally screamed WTF Logic).

5. Throw the freaking GRENADES

Talking about the way Tokyo was killed. a reminder, she blew herself with her own grenades. Yes, taking out many enemies with her. But why not just throw the damn grenades at the enemy?! This is what most people do in the war, even Aurturito would do this. Rather than keeping them tied to your stomach and self-killing yourself along with the enemy (no one cheers a suicide bomber). There were at least 5,6 points at which Tokyo )or Denver) could have easily thrown the damn grenades at the squad, but oh well maybe she forgot they were on her. Nope, that was not the case as she explicitly got the bombs strapped to her chest, even the viewers did not forget this. And at the final moment where the viewers could easily forget about the grenades and Tokyo can be shot in the head, the writers came up with a blunder to throw in the self-destructive bomb scene. Even if the purpose was to kill Gandia, she could’ve shot him. The suicide bombing was absurd, not needed, either she throws the grenades or dies without mentioning the grenades, no logic to portray them as the desserts after the main course.

Anyhow, being a Money Heist (and especially Tokyo’s fan), it hurt. It was unnecessary, overly dramatic, and far away from the basic logic.

Dead can’t narrate

Survivors don’t suicide to kill enemies

In wars, you throw the freaking grenades when you have them.

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