7 things to do first after buying an iPhone

If you have recently bought an iPhone, we are pretty sure you are extremely excited! However, do not let the emotions overwhelm you as there’s a lot to do. In this blog, we are going to talk about the things that you must do once you get your hands on the much-awaited iPhone. While there are people who do not use any other phone apart from an iPhone, there are plenty who save for years to finally buy one. From exquisite pictures to mirror selfies, to finally being able to put the “I have bought an iPhone” story on Instagram, we are sure that you will be obsessed with your new phone for the coming weeks.

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After all, there is so much to learn as well. If you have bought an iPhone before, then you might know what exactly you need to do. But if this is your first time, this blog might be a good read for you. We would mention some basic hacks as well so that it is easier for you.

Create an Apple ID

The first thing that you should do is create an Apple ID. If this is your first iPhone, you need to do this. But if you owned one earlier, then you can simply log in with your credentials. Having an Apple ID is mandatory to use the iTunes Store or the App Store. This is a free service and it lets you purchase movies, apps, music, and more at iTunes. You will also have access to other unique features such as iMessage, iCloud, Find My iPhone, FaceTime, Apple Music, etc.

Activate passcode and ID tech

Yes, this is a very important step that you shouldn’t miss. You must activate passcode and ID tech while going through Apple’s introductory screens.

 Make sure that your phone is password protected; add a six-digit one via settings. It’s always recommended to add multiple fingerprints to Touch ID, just to be on the safer side.

Activate the New iPhone

Of course, we understand how excited one can be with a brand new phone in hand. It is needless to say that you need to activate your phone as soon as you get your hands on it. You can start using it within a few minutes. You can choose the basic settings for FaceTime, iMessage, and more.

Set-Up & Sync Your iPhone

After the aforementioned steps are done, you should plug in your iPhone and sync it. You should get all the pictures from your personal computer and make sure that you have everything you love on your phone. Be it pictures, videos, or ebooks, you need them all. You can even get a few movies on your phone.

Use a USB cord to sync and for changing the settings, sync over WiFi. If you don’t want it to get synced via cable, then you can use iCloud.

Configure iCloud

Some of the features of iCloud that deserve mentioning include, iCloud FAQ, Automatic Downloads of Music & Apps, iTunes Match, etc.

If you have a lot of photos, videos, apps, etc., iCloud is your go-to solution. iCloud collects multiple features into a single tool. This includes the capability to back up your information to Apple’s servers and then, reinstall it over the internet with just a click!

You can even download anything that you have purchased from the iTunes Store.

Set Up Find My iPhone

This is one of the most important steps that should be done as soon as you get the phone. Let’s get this straight – iPhones are expensive! And you can lose it. This feature helps you turn on the iPhone’s built-in GPS to pinpoint its location on a map.

If your phone gets stolen, you can recover it by using it. You can track it and even give the information to the police. It is a part of the iPhone setup process.

Set Up Apple Pay

After this is done, you should check out Apple Pay. This wireless payment system is safe and secure. You can make transactions in an easy and quick way.

Apart from these seven initial things, you also need to check the apps available at the App Store. Know and explore the built-in applications as well.

Now that you know exactly what you need to do, we hope you will be able to make the most of your brand new iPhone. 

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