Top 5 Things To Do In Kolhapur To Make Your Trip Even Amazing

Kolhapur, maybe you know this name from wearing those famous Kolhapuri sandals or maybe from someone who visited this town and loved their trip. In anyways, Kolhapur is a pretty little town located in the South-Western periphery of Maharashtra. This particular town can perfectly be described as the right mix of history decked with natural beauty. Kolhapur also houses a number of Hindu temples from Medieval India.

The Best Things To Do In Kolhapur

So when in Kolhapur, there is a big list of things you can do. Here we are listing the top choices you can opt for during your visit.

best places in kolhapur

1-Experience “Wave Pool” at  Dreamworld Fun and Water Park:

Looking for water parks in Kolhapur with amazingly awesome rides? Why not visit the Dreamworld Fun and Water Park? Located in this beautiful town of Kolhapur, this water park brings to you a platter full of joyful experience with entertainment options worth cherishing. The major attraction of Dreamworld is the popular “Wave Pool”. Feel the fun of dancing in the rain and let your kids enjoy at the special “Play Park” designed for the safety of the little champions.

2-Hinduism and faith at Mahalakshmi Temple:

Mahalakshmi Temple at Kolhapur is a symbolism of faith held by the Hindu community for the deity named Amba Devi. The temple, the most famous thing in Kolhapur, came into existence during 7th century when the region was reined by the Chalukyas. It is comprised of sculptures and beautiful carvings that deck the inner and outer walls of this temple. This holy compound also showcases the carved images of deities in Hindu religion such as Shiva, Ganesha, and Vishnu. The locals here believe that anyone who visits this temple gets one step closer to being spiritually enlightened.

3-Get to the yearly fair at Jyotiba Temple:

Standing high at the altitude of about 3200 feet is the Jyotiba Temple which is located at a distance of 16 kilometers from Kolhapur. The main deity, Lord Jyotiba of this temple is actually a reincarnation of Hindu deity Lord Shiva. Each year during full moon, the temple organizes a popular fair that tends to attract tourists as well as the local residents. The temple derives its existence back from the 1700s.

4-Relax at Rankala Lake:

Looking for romantic places in Kolhapur? Well, Rankala Lake will be the fit choice for so. This lake is one among the popular places in Kolhapur visited by many and especially the ones who seek peace and scenic beauty. Built back in the 1800s, this lake was turned into a reality by Chattrapati Shivaji. It is often termed as one among the ancient lakes located in Maharashtra. The maximum visits expected at this lake are during the evening when the beautiful orange-hued sunsets in the backdrop of an amazingly crafted artificial lake.

5-Learn about the Marathas at Chhatrapati Sahu Museum:

Also known by the name “Palace of Maharaja”, the Chhatrapati Sahu Museum came into existence by the year 1883. This museum stands as one among the highly architectural buildings in the state. It is situated right below at the ground level of the new residence of the royal family. Additionally, it is decorated with an amazing collection of stone carvings, sculptures, jewels, as well as war artifacts. This museum houses some of the most memorable pieces from the rich history of the Marathas.

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