4 Tips for Choosing the Best Hotel in Dubai

What comes to mind when you think of Dubai? Is it the bright lights of the skyscrapers, a white sandy beach? Perhaps luxury shopping and fast cars? Futuristic architecture? Well, you would be glad to learn Dubai is all that and more. It is the second of seven Emirates that have developed to become a global hub for commerce, tourism, and everything in between. With fascinating attractions, Dubai continues to capture the interest of people from all over the world. However, choosing a hotel may be a tedious task in a place like this since so many offer profitable deals. 

So, to aid you in the process, we have compiled a list of insider tips that will help you in the process.

  1. Activities & Locations

How are you traveling to Dubai? Unless you are coming to Dubai by car, which can be a big hassle, you do not have to worry about finding places with long-term parking. You can always opt for public transport, but some locations will only be reachable by car. Thankfully nowadays, there are plenty of car rental services in Dubai. They offer a wide range of car models for hire, suitable for anyone’s taste and budget. However, since you are in the capital of supercars, do not miss the opportunity to hire a Maserati for rent. Renting a sports car will allow you to try out the Dubai lifestyle for yourself.

Before you decide on the location of where you would like your hotel to be, it is essential to get a good idea about the activities you would like to do and the places you would like to visit. What are you looking forward to most? Your favorite activities? Dubai has a myriad of offers, so it is crucial to narrow down the list before choosing a hotel. 

  1. Do the research beforehand

Since Dubai is part of an Islamic state, the hotel policies will at times drastically vary from those of western countries. The rules, however, should mainly concern unmarried couples. They are generally not permitted to share a room at hotels that comply with Sharia law. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are also better or sticking with major international hotel chains. Sharia-compliant hotels can also have strict rules regarding food and alcohol, doing your research is crucial before booking.

  1. Perfect timing for booking

The biggest city in the UAE is the perfect destination for heat-lovers since temperatures can reach 39-40 C. If you are traveling on a budget, you might want to take advantage of the heat. Many pricey Dubai’s hotels have discounted rates on offer in June, July, August and even September. Traveling with children, however, can be tricky, so make sure to prepare for traveling with babies in the heat. Moreover, discounts will be available during holiday times like Ramadan and Eid, but if you are not tight on the budget, the months between October and May may be the best options for you.

  1. Freebies

After deciding on your hotel, and right before booking it, do not forget to ask the hotel management if they have any additional offers or bonuses. Upon inquiry, Dubai hotels are often ready to offer more than is listed on the booking website. Some provide airport transfers or sightseeing packages. Some may even offer free shuttle service or entrance fees, which lowers your overall travel expenses, and to find more ways to save, check out these 5 Ways to Visit Dubai on a Budget.

Based on the mentioned tips, you will be able to ensure an enjoyable trip in Dubai by carefully selecting your hotel. It will help you narrow the list of the hotels down to those that suit your specific criteria. Less time choosing – more time preparing for a holiday. To select the best hotel, you must focus on what is most important to you and your companions. Try to be open about any plan changes too!

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