The Five Essential Men’s Accessories For This Summer

Summers is here and so is our excitement. Dazzling sun, cold juices, short SHORTS, sunglasses, and loads of summer’ happiness is driving us all crazy. With the beginning of summer, one thing that has also started is what to wear to rock out style in this hot weather. So, to all the men out there wondering about summer trends for men, we have listed down the men’s summer wardrobe essentials.

5 men’s summer wardrobe essentials


A key essential for summer is some good footwear. Ideally you want something light and breathable so trainers and espadrilles are a great option here. If you are looking at trainers then Nike is one of the best brands of shoes and you can find loads of great trainers at reasonable prices in many shops. If you are looking for something a little more casual then espadrilles may be more your thing. These are great summer shoes as they can be slipped on and off (perfect for the beach) and many of them are very lightweight and breathable. If you are going to be wearing shorts with your summer shoes then make sure that you get some ankle or invisible socks to wear.


Another essential item that you need to have this summer is a good watch. Not only is it a great fashion accessory but it can be very useful for those beach days when you might not want to have your phone in your pocket. There are plenty to choose from so just choose one that you think matches your personality and style. If luxury watches are your thing then have a look at Jason Trevor’s article here as he lets you know all about the best watch brands that you can buy. If you are planning to do a lot of exercise and swimming this summer then it might be worth investing in a sports watch, not only are they lightweight but they can now also track all of your fitness progress. 


It goes without saying that an essential part of your summer wardrobe is sunglasses, a good pair of sunglasses immediately make you look so much more fashionable and with the hot weather here now may be the time to invest in a good pair. You might think that a good pair of sunglasses are expensive but it is entirely possible to pick up a branded pair at a reasonable price. A good tip in saving money is to look out for sales and offers online and a great tool for doing this is using voucher code website such as MyFavouriteVoucherCodes as they show you all the current offers and discounts available on sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great fashion statement but they also protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays. When purchasing your glasses be sure to make sure that they are rated UV400 or higher, this means that they’ll block 99.9% of the dangerous UV rays which can cause damage to your eyes if unprotected. A great emerging sunglasses brand is William Painter, they claim to make the best sunglasses ever and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Their sunglasses are made from Aerospace grade titanium making them stronger, scratch resistant and nearly impossible to break. They have a great advert showcasing their glasses and you can watch it below.


Another great accessory to own this summer is a good hat, not only are they extremely functional in protecting you from the sun but they can also add an extra element to your outfit. There are plenty of styles out there for both casual and formal outfits, a great style that you can pick up for summer is a trilby hat as it can be worn for both smart and casual outfits. One thing to look out for is sizing, many hats come in different sizes so make sure that you get the size which suits your head best. 

Swimming Shorts

This may sound like an obvious one but many people forget to buy some swimming shorts ready for their beach trip or holiday. Also if you are one of those people who has had the same pair for years then maybe it is time to update your wardrobe with a new pair. Bold patterns and colours are in at the moment and you can find loads of exciting styles online or on the high street. A great tip is to look out for matching sets, many shops sell shirts to match swimming shorts and these are a great outfit choice to wear to the beach or on holiday.

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