The Most Important Vitamins For a Woman During Menopause

Menopause is an important milestone in the life of every woman. It will happen to every woman, may she want it or not. You can’t escape from it, but you can be prepared – by educating yourself and understanding what to expect and how to make it easier for you.

Usually, the first sign of the coming menopause is a change in the menstrual cycle (in the widest sense). In some women, hot flashes come first, but irregular periods aren’t long to come after they appear. Then a woman’s libido becomes weaker, she feels difficulties in sleeping and concentration and her mood starts swinging.

That’s what your hormones do to your body. The balance of hormones produced by the ovaries changes, and with that balance many processes in a woman’s body change too. This is why you feel such changes in your usual life – you may have other reactions on different life factors during this period (dyspareunia, abnormal PMS, etc.)

The Most Important Vitamins For a Woman During Menopause

Of course, the best way will be to visit your doctor and ask for therapy to relieve the discomfort caused by menopause. But you also should provide yourself with enough nutrients to help your body go through menopause. These vitamins are of key importance for women in menopause.

  • A – this vitamin is very important for a woman’s health and beauty. It helps to prevent one of the most common disease brought by menopause – osteoporosis. But your hair, skin, and teeth need it too. Besides, it supports your vision and immunity.
  • B2, or riboflavin – this vitamin is important for a stable immunity function. It helps your metabolism and aids in the regeneration of cells. The lack of this nutrient makes you vulnerable to infections and can even cause depression.
  • B6, or pyridoxine – it’s another key vitamin of the B group to help the immune system function properly.
  • B7, or biotin – it’s called “vitamin of beauty”. It nourishes your skin and nails. Also, it supports the proper function of the skin’s sebaceous glands which may be abnormal during menopause. It also protects you from cardiovascular issues by controlling the optimal level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • B9, or folic acid – this vitamin is very important for a woman’s health not only when she is in her menopause. It helps to balance the hormones and is also useful for the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • B12 – this vitamin helps to establish a proper metabolism that is important to control your weight. It also supports your mental health and helps you be in a good mood, concentrate better and have a good memory.
  • C – this well-know immune booster will help your body resist infection and diseases more effectively. It participates in the production of red blood cells and tissue regeneration to keep your body on the go.

Look for a vitamin complex that includes all of them. Of course, vitamins alone can’t remove all the unpleasant symptoms of your menopause completely, but with them, you’ll definitely feel better than without them. You should also talk to your doctor about the option of hormone replacement therapy if you feel really bad.

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