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6 Reasons Why You Have Been Losing Instagram Followers!

There was a time when everyone’s Instagram account was on the upward trajectory, and the growth depends on how quickly the followers were adding to your goals. but things have changed! People are losing followers or are having hard times, gaining new ones. 

Imagine this: you had spent hours on the Instagram, finding the right content to post, gaining followers and engaging with the audience, just to find that you have lost all followers the next morning you wake up. 

You perhaps have crafted your best post and unwillingly or painstakingly replied to every query or comment left by your followers, which even gave you 10 new followers. But, then you ended up losing more than what you have gained! 

Why did this happen? What are you doing wrong? What do you need to do to get those followers back? So, if you are wondering why you are losing followers, the reason could be any of the following: 

Why Am I Losing Instagram Followers?

You Are Into Follow/Unfollow Strategy: 

Follow/unfollow- it’s the most annoying thing of Instagram and is also one of the ways followers get more exposure. It’s very simple- people follow because they share the same interests and use the same hashtags to get follow back. And once they get, they unfollows you! 

You Are Using Black Hat Methods And Getting Shadowbanned: 

Using fake followers or bots to buy instagram followers and to connect automatically will surely attract unengaged people, but will also put you in trouble. While these services will automatically comment, like, and follow from your account, it is against Instagram’s Terms of Services. If you are doing this, Instagram can directly delete your account or can put it under shadow ban. The Flocksocial review by Growthoid is a good article to read and understand more about fake engagement issues.

Posting Too Much Or Not Posting Consistently: 

Your post’s scheduling time has a lot to do with your followers. So, stay consistent; post at least 1-3 times a day to stay in the follower’s mind. Posting sporadically will bring your account down in the Instagram algorithm, and you will be seen less frequently in the search list. 

On the contrary, posting too much can annoy your followers, and you end up losing them.  Just keep in mind, your followers are not coming to see you; they also want to see what other people are posting. So, bring your 5-times posting schedule low and keep it to 1-2 times a day. 

Your Content Doesn’t Resonate With The Audience: 

If you have made alterations to your content and it isn’t same what your audience expects, you might end up losing followers.  Your Instagram feed gives a clue of what your account is all about and what else they can expect from you. So, if your account is packed with mismatched pictures and colors that too, with varying quality of every image, you can ward off potential followers. Let’s say- you have a shopping account that sells watches and posting pictures of your trip, pets, meals, or anything will make your feed clunky. So, keep your account confined to what you offer and avoid unnecessary

Less Interesting Captions

It’s not just that the visuals that matter, captions, and words matter too! A good caption entertains your followers and pushes them to like, comment, or tag other people. However, boring and uninspiring captions result in many unfollows. 

To make captions, interesting, you can context behind the image. Create a story and tell your followers about what’s happening in the photo, who is in it, how the image connect with you personally and more. You can also include a call-to-action in the captions like ” double tap, tag a friend or click the link. 

You Are Too Much Promoting: 

Sales-y accounts are boring and quite annoying. They don’t help you get real instagram followers, but only thing they do is promote products and services to your clients. however, nobody wants to be sold all the time, but some people don’t mind as long as you are offering valuable things. Also, make sure that your feed doesn’t have the train of posts only of your products. 

Losing Instagram followers are dreading, especially when you don’t have any idea why it’s happening. However, the above things will help you gauge if you aren’t doing anything from them!  Also, read our guide to getting followers on Instagram using influencers.

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