How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You Forever!!

Since my post regarding how to make a girl fall in love has been published, I’m getting many requests to write on how to make a man fall in love and stay. So, I decided to write one blog covering all the aspects and ways of how to get a man fall in love with you like crazy. Assuming that you have already fallen for this man and you want him to fall in love back for you. I would want to clear this first that you can’t make any person fall in love unless and until that person is willingly doing it. So, if you are doing all the right things and still, cant make him fall in love then this is the right time you should move on. He is not the right one and you’re just wasting your time. But, if you think that he likes you but is not sure about you then follow these guidelines and I am pretty sure you will soon have the man of your dream fall for you.

Make a man fall in love and stay


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!! Here are some of the easiest yet effective ways to make a man fall in love with you harder and forever. But you have to keep this in your mind that this won’t happen overnight. The process will take the time but results are guaranteed (I hope I’m not boasting!!). Say goodbye to your anxieties and paranoia regarding the failed relationships, take a deep breath, and begin living your life fully. Read along to learn the tips on how to make him fall in love with you forever.

Back him up

I don’t really like the concept of man is strong on his own. He doesn’t need anyone to support him or have his back. This is utter bullshit. Believe me or not, sometimes you man needs to even more than you need him. Just let him know that you’re there for him no matter what. You’ve got his back and whatever the problem will come to his way, you are with him to face it. Be supportive of him. Listen to what he has to say and then come up with a better alternative to that. Make him feel that he is enough and no matter how worse the time will get, you are and will be with him forever. No calamity will take your love away from him. When a man realizes that he has finally got a woman who will support him in his bad times as harder as she does in good times, he will not only love her then, he will love her forever. And more than loving her, he will respect her too.

Give him time and space

Do not rush things. Let him think about it first. Do not ask him to commit when he is not ready. Give him time, give him space, and let things happen on their own. On your part, you have to be open enough to let him know that you like him. On his part, let him do the same for you. If you are trying to get his love harder way, chances are you are never getting his love at all. And it’s not just about him, it’s about you as well. If he’s with friends having a good time then text him a cute message letting him know that you miss him. But don’t try to control and manipulate him. Don’t ask him to give up on his extracurricular activities because of you. Let him go to the gym in peace, let him play Xbox, let him stroll aimlessly, and then watch him coming back to you all happy and satisfied. If you will try to cage him, he will fly away. But if you are making a home within you for him, he will always return home. He might even begin to love home very soon. Just give him time!

Let little things go

There is absolutely no need to create drama over little things at all. I know it’s a bit difficult for a girl to let go of even the littlest things as they are giving their all into the relationship and expecting the same in return. But sometimes, it’s okay to turn blind eye to small things – things that don’t require a reaction. If he has promised to come on a date at 10 p.m and he’s not there at the time, let it go. Do not spoil your date because he ran 15 minutes late. If he’s forgotten your birthday (Guys, don’t forget her birthday, please!!) then remind him to wish you in the sassiest way possible. There is absolutely no need to ruin your big day just because he didn’t wish you. The key to a successful relationship is patience and acceptance. He is a guy and that is how male brain works. They don’t care much about little things but they will surely surprise you with something bigger at the right time.

Appreciate him

You have to learn to appreciate him. It’s not just a guy’s duty to praise you, tell you how much you meant to him, or surprise you. You have to be that way too. You have to tell him when you like something he did or praise him for his new haircut, or a shirt, or a watch, literally anything and everything. Let him know how much you admire him when he was peacefully sleeping with that cutest smile on his face. Tell him how much you loved it when he laughed out louder at some joke you crack. Spoil him with compliments. Shower him with gifts. Give him a shoulder to cry upon (Yes, surprise!! Boys do cry) then give him a reason to smile. Kiss him when he’s least expecting it. Just make sure to appreciate him, his presence, and his actions.

Do not tie him

Do not try to tie him. This is probably the biggest fear of man – the fear of commitments. Don’t ask him to commit until and unless he is ready to do it himself. Remember Chandler from F.R.I.E.ND.S, when he was totally and absolutely in love with Monica, he still freaked out on the idea of commitment until he made his mind and committed himself and proved to be the best husband in the world possible. So, just let things happen. Set him free. And let him make a commitment himself.

Work with him

Work with him on the relationship you want. Boys are pretty dumb when it comes to love. They will keep messing it up and freaking out all the time. Tell him how to love again if you messed it up the first time. Make them feel needy and needed both. Communication is a key, so, talk to him about what is scaring him. Let him sort the things out his way. If he thinks the things are going faster, slow things down. Ife he wants space, give him space. If he thinks he is not ready for any kind of commitment then let it be. Be his friend, his best companion, his escape to problems, his guide, and his everything.

Make him become a better version of himself

Nothing is more beautiful than giving a person the advantage of being his own self. Give him the chance to be himself and love him exactly for what he is. Help him in getting better. Help him in achieving better. Let him become comfortable with you. Give him the chance to prove himself to you and to the world. Advise him when needed and support him always.

Be adventurous

Nobody would want to get into a relationship with a teacher who is always schooling them. It’s okay to be sober at times but what gives a man a real pleasure is your zest towards life, your craziness, and your adventurous nature. Be adventurous both in the life outside of your bedroom and inside your bedroom. Explore all the crazy opportunities to please him. And trust me, you will have the most fun when he will accept your adventurous nature and will show you his crazy sides.

Be spontaneous

Spontaneity is always fun. Be spontaneous with him. Cheer him up when he is in his bad mood. Start dancing, kiss him, crack a joke, plan a dinner, invite him over, just do something that he wasn’t expecting.

Be a mommy and a girlfriend simultaneously

You should be good at roleplaying not just in bed but in other matters too. Know when he needs an advice from a mother and be his mommy at that time. And then understand when he needs a girlfriend to make his mood better. Be understanding and make things easy for him.

Accept his flaws

Nobody is perfect and we all need to understand this. Accept him as he is. Accept him fully – his goods and then his bads. Don’t judge him for his flaws. Don’t leave him for his flaws. Accept the fact that nobody can give you 100%. If he is a great person overall and has a problem of forgetting things like your birthday or anniversary then it is okay. There is no need to make an issue out of such small things. You have to accept him completely to make both of your lives easy.

Forgive him

Everyone makes a mistake and if he’s done something wrong to you and is sorry for that, forgive him. Forgiving and acceptance are the keys to any successful relationship. You have to know when to apologize if you are wrong. And when to forgive if he is wrong. Don’t let him feel comfortable in doing wrong to you. But know, when he has wronged you unintentionally.

Never stop talking

Many girls make this mistake that when a slighter of inconvenience happen they stop talking. Listen, communication is a key to better and long loving relationships. You should tell him when he’s wrong, give him time, take your time, but don’t make it harder for him to approach you. Make it easier for him to say sorry and understand he did wrong. Even when you are upset with him, make sure to wish him morning and night. Do not talk much and let him realize you’re sad but don’t stop talking at all.

Make him feel comfortable

Make him feel comfortable with you. He should know he can talk about anything and everything with you. He can cry in front of you and then laugh aloud as well. Make yourself important for him by being all ears for his problems and whining. Let him feel comfortable talking about what happened at the office, or how he lost his game, or how Ronaldo made a goal in the match last night.

Psychological tips to make a man fall in love

Now, it’s time to talk about psychological tips to make a man fall in love with you. First of all, there are many female body language signs to hint him that you are in love with him. Just try to use these signs as much as possible when you are with him or around him. Make an eye contact, dress beautifully, play with your hair, bite your lips, touch him, play with his hair, laugh at his jokes, flirt with him, sit closer with him, and try to make as easy for him to guess you’re into him as possible.


Once you have begun to realize that he’s getting more and more into you every passing day but you are still not sure then here is some man body language signs in love. These signs will surely help you in finding out if he is in love with you or not. Also, do not rush, give him time, and do not stop living your life for him. Try to become a better version of yourself daily and not just for him but for yourself too. Try loving yourself first as self-love is way important. Until and unless you don’t love yourself fully, no other person ever will. If you have put yourself second in your life, you can never be number one in his life. Love him, nourish him, let him know you’re there for him no matter what, and see the magic begins. He will fall heel over head in love for you and believe me if you are consistent in loving him, you can make him stay in love with that too.

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