6 Natural Painkillers That Actually Work!

Natural painkillers are basically known as natural pain relievers which contain traditional
practices, and herbal remedies. Nowadays, people try out pills like Gabatop & Pain O Soma
first to get instant relief in case if they suffer from any pains like backache, toothache or
cough and cold. They rely on medications, but there can be the risk of side effects, such as
habitual use, addiction or other adverse effects.
Hence, people can try to find some relief from a variety of natural painkillers. Many natural
and organic herbs and spices’ combination can help treat inflammation and various pains.
Besides, these natural organic remedies or natural painkillers fall under a category of treatment known as a
substitute medicine. If you are suffering from pain, all these natural home remedies might
help you feel better.



Turmeric is used for the treatment of various kind of pains. It has strong anti-inflammatory
effects and is rich in powerful antioxidant. Turmeric can be used in both ways like it gives the
flavor in food and can treat many health conditions. Besides, the compound curcumin,
which is present in turmeric is an antioxidant, that helps defend the body from free radicals
which can damage tissues and cells. Furthermore, it helps to cure ulcer, stomach upset,
indigestion etc. Turmeric acts as a natural pain reliever as it aids to relieve inflammation.



Cloves are used since ancient times as a pain reliever. It has eugenol, a natural pain reliever
ingredient. People use clove for various pain relief such as inserting the clove into an infected
toothache or applying a little amount of clove oil on gums may temporarily help from pain.
Applying some natural way can be beneficial and safe than having drugs. It acts as natural
supplements and may treat nausea, arthritis, headaches, inflammation and cough and cold too.
Furthermore, it can be found in clove oil, capsule form or powder form. However, people
who are suffering from bleeding disorder must avoid it.


Willow bark

This has been used by people because it contains medicinal properties to ease inflammation
and relieves from pains. The bark of white willow is loaded with chemical salicin, and it is
one of the main ingredients in aspirin. Earlier, people used to have it directly to get relief
from pain. However, now it is available in dry powder form and capsule form as well.
Furthermore, this also helps in relive from low back pain, osteoarthritis, headache and other


Heat and Ice

Applying heat and ice directly on the pain can be helpful. This remedy is natural and organic,
and this treatment is beneficial to reduce swelling and inflammation. It can work to heal the
pain like ligament, tendon, or a strained muscle. Once the inflammation is reduced, the heat
might help to reduce the stiffness due to strains. Similarly, a cold pack helps to cure a
headache. For arthritis pains, moist heat can help more than ice.



It is a Chinese method and medical practice, which works as a pain reliever and balance the
body’s natural energy pathways. This flow of energy is called ‘qi’. In this practice,
acupuncturists place small thin needles around the pain sources in the body. It aids in pain-
relieving due to the secretion of serotonin in the body. It is a perfect chemical to get relief
from pain. Studies proved that acupuncture could help with osteoarthritis pain, migraines, and
any other pain.

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