How To Optimize Your App On App Store

You have developed an app for your business and want to market it to generate ROI but don’t know how to do that?

Have you ever tried App Store Optimization or thought of  how to optimize an app?

And to do that all you need is a convincing App description and you are good to go…

To help you out in marketing your app to a broader audience, I will be talking about the best ways to write an app description to attract audience in downloading your app.

Read along to find out how to write a great app description and how to optimize an app on app store.

How to optimize an app on app store

How to optimize an app on app store

App store optimization can bring a lot of natural traffic and downloads for your app. While there are various segments of ASO that you need to represent, the app description is maybe the most vital of all. The subsequent stage in the wake of achieving the app’s profile page is to peruse progressively about it.

Catching a client’s consideration at that stage can have a significant effect. You should write down why individuals should try downloading your app before you even begin building it. The app description is an optimized app store product definition. It significantly impacts your app’s prosperity.

There are three major parts of an app’s definition; Name, Screenshots, and Description. To help you out in writing the best app description for your product marketing and optimization on the app store like Google Play store and Apple Store, here are some genius ways I’ll be talking about.

How to write a great app name

How to write a great app name

Your app’s name ought to reflect a few of the app’s most noteworthy – and focusing– highlights. You will need to limit the app name to one hundred characters. You ought to likewise ensure that the title incorporates focused keywords as they assist individuals with finding your product on the App Store or Google Play Store.

How to write a great app description

How to write a great app description

Keep it short and straight to the point

“250 characters” is generally the quantity of characters a client gets the opportunity to see on your app’s profile page on the Apple app store or Google play store without tapping on the “more” button to peruse the all-encompassing description.

This underlying character set is otherwise called above the fold message that appears normally without the client endeavoring to burrow further. Most clients will need to peruse increasingly about your app just if the content here energizes them.

Concentrate on passing on the estimation of your app and in the meantime appeal to their feelings. Numerous well known apps like to exhibit their believability of measurements, for example, where they were highlighted, the quantity of downloads or the media they were secured by. These are difficult to find for new apps. In the main sentence, you will have to add the appeal to your app description and in the following, passes on the offer.

Narrate your story

The way of the whole portrayal of the description ought to be from the perspective of how a client would utilize the app, as opposed to from your own perspective as the maker. The best portrayals are those that recount a story that the clients can without much of a stretch relate to.

The clients ought to have the capacity to in a split second imagine themselves having the capacity to utilize the app and esteem its highlights just by finding out about them. A less difficult approach to do this is envision yourself as the client and depict the adventure you’d take as an enthusiastic client of the app.

Tell the solution to the problem

Each fruitful product or app takes care of an issue for clients. Here and there, the agony focuses are self-evident, yet on occasion, they are something that you need to make your clients consider.

On the off chance that your app falls in the class where the issue isn’t self-evident, impart in advance so your clients can resound with the solution in a better way.

Obviously, line it up with how your app takes care of that issue for the client. The shorter and progressively compact the duplicate, the better.

Focus on main feature

Regardless of whether your app has a gazillion highlights, center on referencing just a couple. In the event that your app enables clients to take notes, spare them on the cloud, share it with different clients, has person to person communication, take better pictures with channels – don’t make reference to every one of these highlights.

Expound on highlights that feature your center offering or those that shape the situating of your app. In the event that your app is situated as the best note taking app – center just that highlights. Give the clients a chance to find the rest of the highlights inside the app.

Clients interface best with one explicit use case.

Make it credible

In the event that you have an extraordinary press at an early stage in the app lifecycle, make sure to bring up out. An outsider support will manufacture validity when there are practically no audits for your app.

En route, you can include download numbers, notice on the off chance that you have highlighted on the app store or notice any honors won. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to include a couple of client tributes that you can source physically.

Treat your app store description as the product’s promoting text where you need to get your clients sincerely amped up for downloading and utilizing the product.

How to add app screenshots

How to add a great app screenshot

Screenshots also play a major role in app optimization. Your first screenshot should define what your app is all about. It portrays the functioning of your app. On the off chance that you add content to your screenshots, make it compelling by using verbs. This pushes individuals to make a move and think about your app.

Make the description of your screenshot clear, concise, and informative.

Screenshots need to portray the fundamental functioning of the app and discussion about correct use cases. Add around five screenshots each answering the following questions.

  1. What does your app do?
  2. How is it useful to your audience?
  3. How your app is better than the competitors’ apps?
  4. Why should they download it?
  5. What should they use it?

Add Review and Awards

Add app Review and Awards

Besides app name, description, and screenshots, another important factor that enhances your app position in the app store is reviews and awards. Make sure to add reviews and awards to your app definition as they add more value to the app and increases its position in the market and eye of the potential customers.


To optimize your app on App store and attract customers to download and use it, there are 3 basically 4 things you need to do,

  1. Add a compelling App name using focused keywords
  2. Write a great app description highlight the main features and functioning of the app
  3. Add 5 app screenshots explaining how app functions
  4. Show off app reviews and awards to add weight-age to your description

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