Common Wall Hung Toilet Problems and Their Solution

Wall hung toilets are great when it comes to saving the space in your bathroom. Just like ordinary toilets, these toilets also face certain problems after being installed in your bathroom.

When you install this type of toilet, a few of the most common problems that are observed are given below. We have also tried to give the right solution to the problems. If you are looking for the right wall mounted toilet, then read this thorough guide. The article will explain all the buying consideration that, you must know before getting a wall hung toilet.

Troubleshooting Common Wall Hung Toilet Problems


Looseness From The Wall


When the wall hung toilet is installed, sometimes, it feels off when someone sits on it. You might also get the feeling of rock and looseness from the wall. This is a very common problem associated with these toilets but has a simple and easy fixing procedure. It is very important to fix this problem as quickly as possible otherwise it will lead to more problems.


  • You can easily fix this problem by removing it from the wall and install again.
  • If you are having DIY skills for this, you are in a good position to do it yourself. However, find some assistance so that you should have a helping hand to make sure that the toilet is fitted with the wall properly.
  • If your DIY skills are not good enough, it is a good decision to call an expert toperform the installation job for you. It will give you the assurance that the wall mounted toilet is properly installed and fitted with the wall.


Water Leaking into the Wall


This is another most common problem associated with these toilets. If you see that the water leaks into the wall whenever you flush the toilet, fix this problem immediately. If you don’t fix this one, it will bring more problems in the future. You face this problem when the plumbing is not connected to the toilet properly.

This problem causes the bathroom walls to be damaged due to the water leakages.  So, your overall cost in the shape of bathroom repairs will increase if this problem is not fixed in time.


  1. Sometimes, if the toilet bowl is not properly fitted and mounted on the wall, the water leaks. Just tighten the bolts that are securing the toilet bowl to the wall.
  2. If the above step doesn’t work, wipe up or clear the water on the floor. Now, properly check the line of the water supply. There is the possibility of a loose connection if it is wet. Now, tighten the connection with the help of an adjustable wrench.
  3. If the braided hose section or connections are cracked, turn off the water supply to the toilet. Now, remove the water supply line. You have to replace the damaged supply lines.
  4. Turn on the water after installing a new water supply line.
  5. If the leak is still continuous, shut off the water supply valve. The worn wax seal might be damaged.
  6. Now remove the bolts that are holding the bowl of the toilet to the wall. To prevent damage to the bowl, keep a helper with you to hold the bowl as you remove the bolts.
  7. Turn over the bowl and scrape the old wax ring from the drain by opening with a putty knife.
  8. Get a new wax ring and place it over the drain opening of the toilet bowl. It is to make itcentred. Reinstall the bowlon the wall. Again, keep a helper with you to hold the bowl while you tighten the mounting bolts to secure it in place.
  9. In the end, turn on the water supply after installing the tank again. There should not be any leak now after ring replacement. However, if you are still having the problem of water leaking on the floor, put a few food colouringdrops into the tank. The coloured water will exactly tell you the crack location if there is any crack in the bowl or tank. If so, just replace the toilet.


Constantly Running – No Proper Shutoff


Just like traditional toilets, another problem that wall hung toilets face is of constant running without shutoff after flushing the toilet. The float or ball cock causes this problem in these toilets. These need to be adjusted or replaced to remove the issue.


First of all, remove the tank cover. Now, use a screwdriver to make an adjustment to the float and ball cock. If it doesn’t work, you are required to remove and replace the whole assembly.

Final words

It is always a good idea to call a professional when you are installing the wall hung toilet for the first time. There are more chances that the professional will use the proper mounting supports and it will be appropriately fastened on the wall. Immediately turn off the water supply of your toilet whenever the problem is detected. After that, try to find out the issue by checking your piping thoroughly to find any leakage. Once the problem is caught, proceed accordingly to make your wall hung toilet serviceable and working.

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