3 Ways on How to Come Up with 100% Original Essay Ideas

Everything you see on earth was once an idea to implement. The same concept applies in academic writing, where you must first come up with a valuable essay idea to develop. It’s not just an idea that is widely discussed today. It must be 100% original, right? This is the most terrifying and challenging requirement. If you master the trick, it will become easy and quick to choose good essay ideas.

This article will guide you on how to come up with 100% original and good essay ideas. Besides, it will give you steps and tips on how to do it quickly. However, be careful not to choose a topic that is much harder for you to work on. You should select an idea that will be comfortable for you.

Put Detailed Questions for Essay Topics

Original ideas come from questions that you would like to see them answered. This might seem like a tedious job because it means the question has gone unanswered for years, and you are the one to solve it. The point is not to compete with all other scholars in the field but to do better than them. Look for an essay title that suits your concerns, interests, and your profession. Choosing a dead issue can bring to a boring essay that will turn off your professor immediately. If your essay is about global warming, you can ask yourself which global warming questions people have never answered. For example, what will happen if global warming doesn’t stop? Will all living things die? Such detailed questions will assist you in coming up with an interesting essay that will capture the attention of the reader. You will score the best possible grades since your essay is unique.

Work More on Essay Writing Topics

Students get grades from the topic and the body. If the topic has nothing that stands out, you need to go back at the drawing board and make it stand out. The body should knit with the subject. If the topic is about free education, then your body tells us about unemployment or insecurity. Your professor will not finish marking it, and you will get a low grade. For example, if your topic is “How education has negatively affected people,” you need to discuss the areas that education has impacted negatively, the challenges it has caused, and so forth.

Use Your Fourth Idea 

The first idea that comes in your mind is the one that everyone has, and the second idea is the one that scholars think of, the third idea is the one that smart people come up with. Use the fourth idea. That is the one you are able to figure out, and it will be an original idea. A well-thought essay idea (your fourth idea) would make a better essay. This advice is not only applicable is writing realm but also in choosing birthday presents. The idea may take you weeks, but you will eventually get something that will be your own.

Giving yourself time to think about the best idea means thinking outside the box. To make sure you don’t forget all the ideas that come on your mind, put them down. Once you get three excellent ideas, you will be on your last step towards developing a unique idea. Eliminate two ideas that don’t look pleasing and remain with the one you are comfortable with.

3 Extra Tips to Develop Unique Essay Ideas

  • Keep in mind the audience’s interest. When you’re writing an essay, your audience is your professor. Don’t choose an idea that isn’t interesting to your professor. He/she is the one allocating grades, and you can have a brilliant idea but outside interests, you risk being asked to think better.
  • Think of the content in advance. The essay you are writing must be feasible. It should be based on real facts, not fiction. So, if you don’t have adequate background information, back off. Go for another idea that is comfortable for you.
  • Use the well-directed title. You can have a brilliant idea, but putting it in the written form is a significant challenge. If you are poor in expressing ideas shortly and precisely, please work on it first.

It feels good when you have something unique. You feel like you own the world. However, uniqueness doesn’t come easy. You must take time to think and come up with something individual. If you are looking at how to come up with 100% original essay ideas, this article will help you. Besides, you can check this resource to find some interesting essay topics for your own research.

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