Brazil is in the Quarter finals of FIFA world cup 2018!

Brazil in the quarterfinal was something people already knew would happen. But If you don’t know already the most favorite team in FIFA world up 2018 has made it to the quarterfinals. And Brazil also has a real chance of winning world cup 2018.

The match between Brazil and Mexico took place earlier today. And in the start, both teams seemed kind of slacking and Mexico was actually giving a hard time to Brazil. Believe it or not, it seemed like Mexico could have defeated the great team of Brazil. But fortunately, Brazil has some good players like Neymar.

Neymar Jr. scored both the goals against the Mexicans. First one directly and second one indirectly with the help of Roberto Firmino. The team of Brazil overall is very strong as compared to Mexico and Neymar is one of the best players we have as of now. He posses a pure skill that can be seen on the field.

Brazil  – Mexico
(2 – 0)

Both the goals happened because of Neymar and there no denying that. But apart from the attack, Brazil also has a really good defense. that is what kept the Mexicans from winning. Brazil’s defense is actually better than it offense and this has really helped Brazil in this World Cup.

Future for Brazil in World Cup 2018

-Brazil in Quarter Final and Beyond-

Well, nothing can be known for sure the state at which Brazil is right now is something close to perfect. This is how a world-class team should be, only a little bit attack and a lot of defense. When a team gives its opponent to try their best and knows that the opponent will not score because of the strong defense.

This gives the opposing team a sense of illusion of winning, and Brazil is best at playing this game. Right when the opposing team thinks they are about to score and Brazil is too weak to reach its goal, Brazil score. One Brazil attacker comes running, tackling the defense of opponent and right before when it seems he missed the goal.

A cross pass occurs and another striker emerges from thin air and just gently taps the ball and GOAL!

This is what happened twice in the Brazil Vs. Mexico matches today and landed Brazil in quarter final. And the same thing has happened before many times. Fingers crossed we will get to see more of this amazing gameplay from Brazil in the coming matches. And if everything goes the way it is going, Brazil will eventually be seen in the World Cup final.

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