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5 Lucrative Career Opportunities To Explore In The Post COVID-19 World

Every newspaper you pick up or news story you see on the telly, point to a ‘New Normal’ world post COVID-19. There is an agreement that the Coronavirus pandemic has altered human lives unlike anything, the world had ever seen. The health effects and the economic effects of the pandemic are slowly revealing their ugly sides. How long will the problem persist is anyone’s guess. 

However, human beings have a high level of resilience and perseverance. We saw two cold wars and numerous other disasters together. In every case, we emerged stronger and more committed than we were before. 

While the number of jobs lost during the pandemic is a major area of concern. There is a need to understand the potential opportunities and silver lining. In this article, we will look at the best five profitable career opportunities, which are going to emerge in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Why a New Work Culture is expected to start once the Pandemic ends?

According to most experts, careers in a post COVID-19 world will be determined by three main factors-

  • Adaptability
  • Digital
  • WFH

Businesses and professionals who are able to adapt to the new normal are the ones who are going to tide over the pandemic. Changing processes, moving investments, and exploring new areas of opportunities is critical to success. 

The digital is going to be a major player in the post COVID-19 world. Businesses, which have been able to successful migrate their operations, sales and marketing to the online world have been more successful than the ones, which did not. 

The ‘Work From Home’ culture is here to stay for a long time. With businesses looking to cut down on rental costs and other overheads, many professionals and companies have made this the new normal. WFH also needs close integration with digital to be truly successful. 

5 Post COVD-19 Careers Opportunities to explore in the post COVID-19 world

1 – Wholesaling Real Estate

While a formal career in real estate might require high investments, many are now opting for wholesaling real estate. Unlike flipping properties, this does not involve renovations or modernizations. The aim is to find distressed properties, keep a high profit margin and find a buyer for the same. The COVID-19 pandemic is going to see many distressed properties. 

2 – Digital Marketing

With more and more businesses learning from their mistakes of not being prepared for the pandemic, the demand for digital marketers is going to rise. SEO specialists, coders, designers, social media marketing specialists and content marketing experts will be in high demand. The future of business is digital, and this is going to create many opportunities. 

3 – Cryptocurrency Trading

With Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies showing steady growth, even during the pandemic, many retail investors are turning to crypto trading. This is something, which you can do from the comfort of your home, by investing small sums and climbing your way up. However, you need to be safe, secure and do not fall into the scams that plague the industry. 

4 – Ecommerce Website Entrepreneur

If you have always wanted to be your own boss, this is the best time to start an ecommerce website. Unlike other businesses, ecommerce companies have been able to do voluminous business during the pandemic. The need for human distancing, staying at home and supply of essentials and non-essentials have created a lot of demand for ecommerce companies.

5 – Data Analyst

With many companies pursuing data aggressively as a growth strategy, you can explore a career in Data Analytics. This is one career profession, which is seeing double digit demand for the past few years. Experts state that as businesses would like to streamline operations and improve efficiency, they would purse data management. This is where a career professional in data sciences would be in huge demand. 

Conclusion – Post COVD-19 Careers

There is an option in front of each one of us. We can either stick to who we were and continue moping and brooding over. Alternatively, we can pick ourselves up, dust off the negative energy and start picking up any of the above-mentioned skills and careers. Can you come up with some more career opportunities for a post COVID-19 world we can add to the list? Let us know below. 

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