Why You Should Start Exercising at Your Teenage Years

How exercise is good for the body is never questionable. But how it makes one feel good kind of leaves a room for debate. Nonetheless, health enthusiasts from all over the world share the common claim about the matter; exercising regularly has revved up and boosted their energy levels, thereby improving their mood as well.

So, why wait ’til you reach your 30s before you start catching up? Why not invest in fitness as early as in your teenage years, hit the nearest Pleasanton gym (if you want to achieve that summer bod and you are living within the area) and feel the reward as you get older? The way you choose to keep your body moving actually has a strong impact on your overall wellbeing and health; regardless of your age. As exercise is a vital ticket you can have towards a healthy lifestyle and a life with less chances to diseases and complications, starting early would definitely be the smartest move.

Here’s why:

Exercise is beneficial to your mind and body.

Study shows that teens who spend at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercises a day feel good and get a better quality of sleep come night time. When you exercise, your body produces chemicals that enhance your happiness hormones which are mainly responsible of it. Plus, it can give teens like you a real sense of pride and accomplishment after being able to work your butt out in a fitness gym instead of slacking off. This is also why many health enthusiasts promote the importance of exercising daily especially in teens who are more susceptible to depression and self esteem issues.  

Exercise can help you look great.

Although your eating habit majorly determines your chances of getting that fit body, not working out means your skin will still likely end up saggy and un-toned.

The more you exercise, the more calories you burn, not only enhancing your mood but your look as well.

Exercise helps you lose weight and lowers health risks.

Majority of the world’s population are reactive in nature. They only act when it’s late. Don’t be like them. Start working out early and further decrease your risks of developing some diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Exercise promotes proper aging.

If you exercise as early as in your teenage years, your body will surely thank you immensely in the years to come. This is true especially if you are suffering from osteoporosis; all thanks to light exercises like running, jumping, and brisk walking.

Don’t worry; exercising can be fun. You can do aerobic workout, or choose strength or flexibility training instead, or just stay active in your own fun ways without necessarily feeling like you are trying to exercise. If you are up for more challenge, read on and know what type of balanced exercise is best fit for you:

  1. Aerobic Workout

Aside from it soothes your mind, your heart is also pleased when you are working out and you can please you heart further by doing an aerobic exercise. This type of exercise can get your heart pumping, an intense one that can end you up catching your breath, thereby making it stronger. Also, the more you do aerobic workout, the more oxygen your lungs and heart carry through all parts of your body in the form of oxygen-carrying blood cells.

Feel thrilled? You can actually try out team sports and get aerobic workout’s benefits, e.g. soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, and rowing. Or you can try more fun ways like swimming, biking, dancing, skating, skiing, running, or even hiking (as long as you walk on a fast pace).

  1. Strength Training

Besides making your heart happy, you can please your muscles too once you exercise; the more you use them, the stronger they become.

Having strong muscles also contributes to your chances of getting that toned and fit body as they provide better support to your joints so you can prevent potential injuries while working out. Moreover, strong muscles are also a big plus as they use more energy than fat does. That means the more you put strain on them, the more calories you burn, and the closer you get to that fit body that many teens your age can hardly pull off.

Strength training does not necessarily mean you have to do weight lifting. You can still opt for friendlier and more fun ways like pull-ups and push-ups, rowing, or cross-country skiing (if you want to have buffer arms), running, rowing, skating, biking, squatting, or leg raising (if you want to work on your leg muscles), and yoga, pilates, crunches, or planks (if you want to achieve that abs).

  1. Flexibility Training

Staying flexible is also exercising as your joints and muscles are stretched to help you bend easily. And if you are into sports, going through a proper flexibility training can help you further improve in your sport especially if it requires great flexibility like that in dancing, soccer, or martial arts.

Stretch your muscles early through these fun flexibility-enhancing activities: yoga, gymnastics, ballet, karate, and a lot more.

Potential Issues

Even with all the benefits exercising can provide, lack of interest remains to be one of the top reasons why people are not able to complete an exercise program. As this is history, there is also a chance you’ll be feeling it too along the way. If sooner or later you will find yourself in that situation, just think of the different inspiring, fun activities and sports that await you.

Choose Right

You have a wide variety of exercises in front of you but to ensure that you last until the end of the program, it will significantly help if you choose a work out in light of your personality. For instance, if you want to work out alone or on your own schedule, then you can try running, snowboarding, biking, or other solo sports. But if you are more of a team person and you can enjoy better with companions, you can go for school sports, club teams, intramural leagues, or pick-up games instead. Now if you really want to be fit but you do not know how to begin, then enrolling in a facility like that in a Pleasanton gym will help you achieve it with their in-house coaches and trainers. These people are going to push you to the limit but you will less likely regret you asked for their help. You’ll be happy you did.

Happy exercising!

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