How to meditate

Meditation is a way to calm your nerves and it helps you to get in a soothing mood.

Meditation is necessary when there is a lot of workload or if someone is just feeling generally overwhelmed. It helps reduce stress and increases overall performance in work environment. A lot of people meditate to reduce anger or just generally to get in a better state of mind.

Meditation - how to meditate - advantages of meditation - 2018 - trendMut -3Advantages of meditation

Doctors advise meditation for patients with hypersensitivity or anger disorders. Chances are you have also been to the doctor at some point in your life and the doctor has told you that there is nothing wrong, its just stress. Stress destroys creativity and puts the withholder in a recurring negative mood. The best way to fight stress is through meditation.

Aside from this, even if you don’t have stress its better to meditate every day for a couple of minutes. As it reduces tension and puts you in a calm and refreshing state of mind. And when your mind is calm, your confidence level boosts too. This helps in many day-to-day tasks and increases overall productivity. Meditation has both psychological and physical advantages.

Psychologically speaking it helps you calm your nerves, reduces tension, and increases overall productivity. 

Physically, You feel relaxed and refreshed after meditating. This reflects in your physical appearance, as people with stress do get many unwanted conditions like stress marks, sleeplessness etc. This doesn’t happen to people who meditate.

So, we now know that meditation is generally good for you and has many benefits. But we still don’t know how to meditate.
Well, here’s how…

Meditation - how to meditate - advantages of meditation - 2018 - trendMutHow to Meditate

The easiest meditation that you can do almost anywhere is the Breathing exercise. It simple and effective.

1– First of all you have to sit upright, with your back straight.

2– Close your eyes and forget everything. Forget the place where you are sitting, forget all emotions and everything. Keep your mind clear of anything.  Think of it as if you don’t even know where you are. You are like a tree, just standing where it is supposed to be.

3– Now take a deep breath. Breath in as if you are trying to consume the energy of universe around you through your nose into your lungs, slowly.
(try to breathe in for 3-5 seconds)

4– Hold your breath for 2 seconds.

5– And breath out. Try to release all that tension and stress along with that breath.

Now you will start to feel more and more relaxed as you keep doing this.

You can keep repeating this process over and over again for 5 to 10 minutes. If you haven’t tried it before, try it right now. The feeling of meditation for the first time is a pure joy itself. And no, one can really understand it without trying out. So, give it a go and you will have a sort of new feeling that you have ever felt before. Free from all tensions.


Is meditation helpful?

Yes, very.

Although the above-mentioned meditation technique is very plain and simple, you can call it beginner level meditation. There are far more complex ways to meditate too. Some monks meditate for days and even weeks. Meditation simply cuts you off from all the quarrels of the world. And while meditating you can feel like you are at different place. A place with no sound and no negativity. A place where only your chi flows with the wind your breath. This is a soothing place and the more you visit, the more refresh you will feel, and the more refreshed you will feel, the better your immune system will work.

People who are generally stressed out from their mundane life and work routine are advised to meditate by doctors. As it helps them regain a sense of positivity in their life and helps them overcome personal and professional hurdles. People become more self-aware and satisfied after meditation.


Final Thoughts

If you haven’t meditated yet, give the above trick a try.
What can you possibly be scared of, it is a simple breathing technique. But we assure you once you do give meditation a try.
Then you will try to find time for it every day, as it makes you feel something extraordinary and has many health benefits.

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