Oppo Find X might be this year’s best bezel less phone

The New Oppo Find X is way ahead of its time. This just might be the best bezel-less smartphone of 2018 which will be available for grabs. The New Oppo Find X is what people have been craving for quite some time now. As we saw in the past that people went crazy for Vivo Apex which is somewhat similar to this phone. Oppo actually borrowed or rather stole this whole concept from VIVO Apex.

The Oppo Find X has the somewhat similar concept in term of vanishing the notch and making a sliding front camera. Rather than just a sliding front camera, the Oppo Find X puts all the components that are supposed to be in the notch on the screen of a regular old smartphone out of our sight. The Notch actually slides up and down through the body of the phone itself. Giving the phone a whole bezel-less look.

As in 2018, smartphones are trying to be as bezel-less as possible. This whole concept gives Oppo’s Find X an advantage over its competitors. The whole screen on the phone has very minimal or no bezels at all which is its best highlight. Other than that the whole phone feels very premium to touch and has some rocking specs. Speaking of specifications, here are some of the confirmed specs of Oppo Find X.

New Oppo Find X Specs
Oppo Find X Specifications - Best bezel less phone 2018 - TrendMut

Zoom on the above image to view Oppo find X specifications in detail.


New Oppo Find X Price

The New Oppo Find X will be available to purchase in August 2018 and the price will be around 1000$. That’s a hefty price for a hefty yet unique phone. This phone is actually quite different from any other phone that you can get at a similar price. As anyone who knows even a little bit about Oppo Find X will surely spot this in your hand from a distance.

New Oppo Find X Review

Unfamiliar people will also spot it from a mile away as this is one glossy and elegant phone. The design and color of Oppo Find X make it appealing to the eyes and is an attention grabber. The mechanical camera slider works like a charm on this new Oppo phone and in action, it really looks appealing to the eye. Other than the beautiful design and the magic like mechanical camera of the phone, the overall phone is quite sturdy.

The Mechanical motorized camera feels and looks good, but since it is a moving part its durability will decay with time. If somehow Oppo finds a way to make its durability last longer, then this phone will be remarkable. But only time will tell about this matter. And for the people who love fingerprint sensors, there is a bad news. The Oppo Find X does not come with a fingerprint sensor, only Face ID.

We get that Face ID is the new norm in 2018 but still some people like that good old fingerprint unlocking. And let’s face it nobody wants their phone to keep track of their face 24/7. Oppo should have left some sort of in screen fingerprint sensor or even one at the back would have been great.

Oppo Find X color - Best bezel less phone 2018 - TrendMut
New Oppo Find X color

The Oppo Find X comes in a metallic purple color. This color blends with the stock wallpaper and gives the phone a kind of premium look, much the iPhone X. Although specs wise its a lot different than iPhone X. But the colors and design of this phone is spot on perfect.

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