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Let Us Blink – Facebook’s AI Will Fix Closed Eye Photos

Reportedly Facebook researches are working on implementing an AI algorithm that will replace our closed eyes in photos to open. And no matter what you will say, we all know, this is insane!!! We all have faced the situation where we tried to take a good picture of ourselves and had our eyes closed somehow. Facebook probably has understood our struggle and thus, Facebook’s AI will fix closed eye photos very soon.

Facebook’s AI Will Fix Closed Eye Photos

Facebook's AI Will Fix Closed Eye Photos

Facebook is on the constant track of advancing and evolving. With each passing day, Facebook is attempting to add or replace different functionalities. But, this time, it has something better planned for us. Thusly, there has been a research done by Facebook, inferring that it is intending to settle the closed-eye photograph with the assistance of AI.

We are all familiar with the struggle behind a superb selfie. And sometimes, when we were able to get a good picture, we got our eyes shut. This is the thing that precisely Facebook needs to handle in future. Yet, before we talk about the approach of settling the issue, it merits saying that at present, there exist neural systems based on machine learning algos – that can open up shut eyes on a photograph by supplanting them with somebody with a comparable match of eyes. As it sounds, the strategy doesn’t ensure the coveted outcome and can influence you to look like another person.

What Algorithm is Facebook using to replace the closed eyes to open…

Facebook plans to utilize Exemplary Generative Adversarial Networks (ExGANs). Also, it will be collecting the sample pictures from the dataset containing the photos of that person instead of gathering arbitrary people’ photographs. However, understanding that Facebook is the biggest holder of a man’s photos and have its AI to distinguish faces. This seems very convincing in building up a dependable innovation for reproducing the very-original eyes. However, the results are not guaranteed but as it has been explained, and realizing it’s Facebook doing the job, we are pretty much convinced that the results will be awesome.

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