Creed 2 Review, Cast, and Box Office Collection

Creed the movie about the son of Apollo Creed, who was the opponent of Rocky. If you have seen the Rocky films you might know that Apollo Creed dies in Rocky IV. Apollo Creed himself was a great character and had a lot of development. Apollo even had a wife Mary Anne and had two children with her. And no the children with her isn’t the Creed we see in the movies. Here is the biggest problem I thought while watching Creed. How they made up a plot, just to make a movie. Apparently, Apollo had an affair around 1984-85, which resulted in an illegitimate son being born posthumously, this child was later revealed to be Adonis Johnson Creed. This was the plot to the first Creed film, and 2 years later Creed 2 is here. Read along to find out about Creed 2 cast, box office collection, and also read Creed 2 review.

Creed 2 cast

  • Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed
  • Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa
  • Tessa Thompson as Bianca Porter: Adonis’s girlfriend
  • Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago
  • Florian Munteanu as Viktor Drago
  • Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne Creed: Apollo’s widow and Adonis’ stepmother
  • Andre Ward as  Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler
  • Jacob “Stitch” Duran as himself
  • Linda Cohn as herself
  • Max Kellerman as himself
  • Roy Jones Jr. as himself
  • Michael Buffer as himself
  • Evander Holyfield as himself
  • Sugar Ray Leonard as himself

Box Office Collection

Creed 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet both broke box office record on release. Read our review for Ralph Breaks the Internet here.

Creed 2 made $4mil on preview screenings and is set to make around $45 mil in the first week of release. Creed 2 is now out everywhere.

Creed 2 ReviewCreed 2 cast and box office collection

When I first heard they were gonna do a sequel to Creed. First thing that came on my mind was what plot are they gonna pull now. And they have pulled something out of thin air, but its not all bad. If you have seen Creed you will know that Adonis ends up being a champion. In Creed 2 his career is at a all time high and then he gets a challenger, its none other than the Son of the man who killed his father. Its Ivan Drago’s son Viktor Drago. If you seen the Rocky films as well you will know Ivan Drago was like the main villain. He ended up killing Apollo Creed in an exhibition match. And now they brought his Son Viktor to fight Creed.

Plot of Creed 2

It was clear that there would be a lot of emotions flying in this movie. As Creed is gonna fight the son of his fathers killer. The movie from the first trailer just seemed like it would be a revenge tale, and all they are trying to do is keep the rocky franchise alive. But, no we were wrong the movie is awesome. Creed was a lot like Rocky 1, and Creed 2 seemed like it was gonna be Rocky 2 but they kept it fresh. They combined all of the Rocky movies in to one and made this. In Creed 2, Adonis’s girlfriend gets pregnant and that’s how they show a bit of time skip. And the passage of time is done very well. Adonis gets more development after the pregnancy, he gets more perspective after his child is born.

They even showed more of the life of the antagonist, what Ivan Drago is been up to after Rocky IV. And what his son is like the Antagonist in this movie. His son didn’t seem as much of a bad guy as his Dad though which was a good sign. Usually, in movies both the Father and Son are as equally as bad, sometimes the son is even worse. But there was a flaw Viktor Drago was way bigger than Adonis Creed. Like they didn’t look like they were the same weight class,

The action and boxing

The fights are very solid, unlike the Rocky movies Adonis just doesn’t take all the punches and doesn’t do down. It even looked like the punches hurt. Overall the Boxing was done very well in this film just like the previous one. And there was a really epic training montage, you have to love a good training montage. But it did seem like they had more footage of the fights than they released. Same like the other movies, there is more footage of the end of rounds than the actual fights. Who knows they might make an extended cut and put more fight footage in. Seems unlikely though.

Acting and characters

In Creed, Sylvester Stallone took the limelight from the main character. But in this Michael B. Jordan did amazing, he took limelight back. He played so many emotions and looked amazing in his physique. The acting while getting, the drama and sad scenes everything was played amazing, Sylvester Stallone was amazing as usual.

Creed 2 Poster

creed 2 poster

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