How To Get Rid Of Bad Body Odor Permanently?

Are you too tired and embarrassed about body odor and want to get rid of it? Well, you’re not alone. All of us have wondered why do we smell bad and what causes body odor at some point or other.

We all would agree that body odors are not just embarrassing but sometimes also unbearable. Strong body odor is the reason why we corner ourselves in the parties or the gathering to not feel humiliated. Even after buying luxurious perfumes and using deodorants, we keep smelling our clothes to check the smell.

What Causes Body Odor?

Sure many of you might think that the excessive sweating is the reason behind the pungent and strong odor. However, when it’s true to certain extent, it is not entirely true. The body odor generates when our body sweat get mixed with the bacteria on our skin. This bacteria grows on your skin and it functions in breaking down the acid in your sweat, thus, causing your body to smell bad.

Body Odor Treatment/Remedies

We all would agree that it is quite important to keep our body to smell good, especially around other people. So, to answer you on what to do to get rid of body odor, we will reveal to you the best natural tips and remedies that can prevent you from strong body odor.

Bath daily


Don’t waste the water, utilize it!!

The tip is to take bath daily. Nobody is asking you to spend an hour or two in your bathtub or under the shower. But if you really want to get rid of the bad body odor then you have to make the habit of taking bath daily. Keeping yourself clean is the most important factor in being healthy, smelling good, and obviously looking good.

Shave The Underarms


Your underarms hair picks the bacteria faster and this is why most of the people who complain about bad body odor, also, signals it coming from the armpits.

The tip is to shave those underarms hair frequently and keep them clean. Also, wash them with antibacterial soap and then apply a good mist or lotion afterward.

Use Antibacterial Soap


Just standing in the shower or laying in the tub full of water won’t help you in getting rid of the bad body odor. The tip is to use a good antibacterial soap. These soaps fight the bacteria and stop it from growing.

Dry Yourself


If you want to prevent the body odor to come back to you after taking a bath then the trick is o dry yourself thoroughly. After taking a shower, you should dry yourself using the towel. Especially in the hairy areas as drying your body prevents bacteria from breeding again.

Use Deodorants


Deodorants are your best friends when it comes to treating the bad body odor. They don’t stop the sweating but they sure help in bacterias to cause that peculiar smell to embarrass you.

We would suggest you use antiperspirants as they slow down the process of sweating. Some antiperspirants also have deodorants in them that makes your body smell good.

Some best antiperspirants that we would recommend you are mentioned below.

      1. Axe
      2. Suave
      3. Tom’s of Maine
      4. Dove
      5. Sure

Wear Neat And Clean Clothes


Taking bath, using deodorants and antibacterial soap, and all the other tips will be useless if you don’t keep your clothes tidy and clean. If you sweat heavily then make sure to change your clothes frequently. As clean and tidy clothes help a lot in decreasing the body smell.

Keep Your Socks And Shoes Clean


If you have the problem of bad foot smell then the other thing you need to do is to keep your socks and shoes clean as well. Make sure to changes your socks every day if your feet sweat excessively. This is the only way to deal with the bad feet smell and maintain your good image among your companions.

Drink Water


Drinking water does magic. You will never see any article regarding health and beauty which won’t mention that staying hydrated helps you a lot. Water flushes down the toxins from your skin and helps your skin to look fresh and clean and obviously smell free.

Drink Lemon Juice


Lemon juice is quite effective when it comes to getting rid of the bad smell. It is globally accepted and tested that lemon juice helps in getting rid of the bad body odor. The reason is that lemon contains Citric acid which is good for producing acid in your skin and thus, prevent your skin from growing bacteria.

Also, massaging the body parts where you sweat a lot with lemon will also do wonders. Try applying the lemon juice and see the results for yourself.  

Take Mint Bath


Mint helps in killing the bacteria that grow on the skin and cause the foul smell. It also aids in reducing the body toxins effectively.

Now, the tip is to boil the mint leaves in the water and then taking the bath with it. Obviously, you can’t boil the whole tub or bucket of water then add the mint leaves in a bowl full of water, boil it, and add it in the water you’ll use while taking a bath.

Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple Cider Vinegar contains the antiseptic attribute that hugely aids in preventing your skin from catching the bad odor. Add a spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in the water and takes bath with it. However, if your skin has sensitivity issues then you should better test it in a small amount and then proceed with more if no reactions found.

Baking Soda


Mix baking soda with lemon and apply the paste to your body before taking the bath or showering. This is the natural recipe for antibacterial soaps and using the paste of baking soda along with lemon helps a lot.

Stop Eating Odor-Trigging Food

If you have tried everything and none of it looks like working for you then you might be eating foods that are resulting in triggering the body odor. Try avoiding spicy foods, garlic, red meat, alcohol, and sulfurous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. Add fruits to your diet and make sure to eat yogurt daily.

Smell Good

Even when you have done everything to get rid of the bad body smell, you should be wise enough to wear good perfume whenever you go out. A good perfume doesn’t only help in reducing the body odor but it also maintains your good image among your friends and companions. Check out our list of the best cologne for men and popular perfumes for women. You might end up in buying one!!

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