Crappy Night’s Sleep? 7 Ways To Have A Cracking Day Anyway

It happens to the best of us – a night without sleep. Maybe you’ve had to stay up late because of a project. When you came home and went to bed, your mind was still thinking about the mentioned project. 

You kept thinking about the things you had to do and all others that still must be done. You toss and turn, but you just can’t fall asleep. Then the alarm rings, and another workday begins. So how can you go through a new day with no or little sleep? Since the day must go on, so does your show and your performance. Stick on and find out how to have a good day after a bad night of sleep.

How to Have a Good Day After a Bad Night of Sleep

Get some natural sunlight and fresh air

While you are running on empty, a dash of fresh air and some sunlight might help you. Spending some time outside will aid your state of wakefulness. Your goal should be to expose yourself to the physiological and psychological benefits of spending some time outside. 

Step outside during your breaks, take a walk around the building and aim to take big breaths. Breathe deeply and overflow your body with oxygen. Even a thirty-second breathing exercise can boost your energy and revive your brain energy.

Resist sugar

Sugar only offers a quick high. Once you reach this high, you will quickly come down and feel even more tired. So, sugary snacks, sweetened drinks, and fast food should be avoided. When you decide to make it through your low energy day by eating unhealthy food, you will put your health at risk. 

Fast food and too much sugar lead to gaining weight, blood sugar problems and an increased risk of heart disease. So, if you need a sugary pick me up, drink a glass of water instead. Also, stand near an open window and practice deep breathing for at least thirty seconds to boost energy levels.

Wake-up your senses

You can also fight fatigue with the help of essential oils. For the best results, you need to pick only those that are known to improve focus and increase levels of energy. Your choices should be either peppermint

Spearmint, sweet orange, rosemary or lemon essential oil. 

There are three ways to achieve elevated energy – to apply, inhale or ingest essential oils. If you want to try the first option, try diluting a few drops first, and apply them to your temples or behind the ears. You can also put a few drops of essential oil on cotton balls and keep them in a plastic bag. Once you need a surge of energy, take one and dab it on your face and arms. 

If you want to inhale it, use an oil diffuser or simply put a few drops in a cup with water and put it somewhere warm. This will disperse the aroma and wake up your senses. 

Use caffeine wisely

Having a full cup of coffee near you at all times won’t be the solution you need. However, the effects of properly timed caffeine boost can help lessen the fatigue. People believe that three to four strong coffees will keep them up and running until they get home.

Unfortunately, this won’t work because too much caffeine can make you anxious, jittery, nervous, upset your stomach and plummet your heart rate. 

Since you are already running on low energy, you do not want to go through these side effects of too much caffeine. 

So, aim to have your sugarless black coffee somewhere between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. By now, your cortisol levels are not that high so your body will use caffeine to increase energy. Additionally, by the time you come home, the effects of coffee will slowly wear off.

Fuel your day properly

Think of it this way – food is the main source of our energy. When you are running low on energy, you have to fuel your body right so it won’t completely run out. It makes sense, doesn’t it? But, there’s also a catch. You have to avoid processed food and sugary snacks because they won’t do much to fuel you with energy. Instead, focus on protein-rich meals. 

When you eat sugar, your sugar levels spike quickly and decrease even faster so you won’t be energized for long. Whereas, protein-rich meals low in carbs and rich in healthy fats can give you a healthy boost. Protein-rich meals take longer to absorb, leaving you with constant levels of energy until your next meal. 

Don’t slow down

Since you are feeling sluggish and tired, you might be inclined to simply slow down. Resist the urge to move from one chair to another and wait for the workday to end. Instead, stay active to stay alert. Start the day with a vigorous walk to work. Once you arrive at the office have breakfast and aim to do a 5-minute activity every hour. 

It can be a short walk to the water machine or to discuss something with a colleague. Walk around the office or walk up and down the stairs. This will break down the monotony, help release serotonin, improve your focus and ultimately your productivity.

Feeling a bit sluggish is not the reason to skip your exercise. Moreover, it is just what your body needs to wake up. Head to professional pilates, and banish sleepiness so you can continue with your day. Afterward, you’ll feel energized and most likely fall asleep a lot easier.

Put everything important on a temporary hold

Making important decisions and tackling important tasks is not advisable when you are not at your peak. It would be best to put a temporary hold on big projects or decisions. Tackle only those day-to-day tasks that do not require high-level thought processes. 

Everything that requires a thorough analysis, evaluation and an action plan can wait until tomorrow. Once you give your body a powerful and restorative sleep, you’ll be able to work on big things again. No one will blame you for putting one thing for tomorrow, once in your career. 

If your office has an office break room, use it to restore energy with a power nap. Even the shortest 10-minute nap can serve you the same as a 4 hours sleep. Make sure to keep it short and sweet to feel good about your day. Once you get home, give yourself a hot bath to ease the tension. Drink a cup of calming herbal tea and give your body and soul what it craves – at least 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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