Top Ten Best mobile companies 2018

Mobile phones are getting better each year, and every company is playing their part in the improvement. Samsung created the bezel-less designs and become the best bezelless phones and other created the multiple cameras making them the best cameras smartphones. So here are the top ten best mobile companies 2018.

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Top Ten Best Mobile Phone Companies in the World

    1. AppleTop Ten Mobile phone companies

A brand which has created waves across the world, Apple’s iPhones have a huge fan following. One of the most expensive companies in the industry, Apple is known for its incredibly smooth functioning, its amazing user-interface, and more importantly the unique iOS which puts it on a higher podium than all the other companies which essentially offer Android based smartphone.

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    2. SamsungTop Ten Mobile phone companies

Basically, an industry giant which surpasses in the field of offering a wide collection of consumer electronics, the smartphone range of Samsung has taken the world by a storm. The Galaxy S Series, and the Galaxy Note which are the brands most premium devices have been ruling the market for almost 6 years now, each new version carries the best of features any user can possibly imagine.

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      3. GoogleTop Ten Mobile phone companies

Google started off making very easy-to-use and affordable Android phones. Now they have tapped into the high-end range of phones. Their Pixel series has unarguably the best smartphone ever seen.

     4. HuaweiTop Ten Mobile phone companies

When it comes to smartphones in the budget part, is the Chinese manufacturers that seem to rule over the market, and in this regard Honor is no different. And they hold one of the biggest shares in the smartphone field.

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    5. XiaomiTop Ten Mobile phone companies

Yet another brand which promises a highly capable range of smartphones, at a price that is pretty much affordable. With the Redmi note 5pro being the newest entry in its portfolio, the brand has definitely made a mark in the mobile market.

    6. OnePlusTop Ten smartphone companies

The creators of the Flagship Killer phrase, still killing flagships. With this year being the most prominent the 6T is a better phone than the Pixel 3XL that goes for $800.

    7. LGTop Ten smartphone companies

One of the most underrated smartphone brand, it creates screens that are in competition with Samsung. And they listen to the communities as well, with not removing the headphone jack and having the best listening experience. Their headphone DACs are the best ever seen.

     8. OppoTop Ten smartphone companies

Another brand that tends to the budget market of smartphones. Not taking anything away from the brand, they have amazing phones, and even some high-end ones. They were the first makers of the waterdrop notch that removed the horrendous notch that apple created. And they even made the futuristic Oppo Find X the phone with a camera that is motorized.

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      9. SonyTop Ten smartphone companies

Currently ruling the market with its incredible Xperia Series, Sony promises of some unmatched features like 2-day battery life and an easy-to use highly functional camera, with amazing features for the selfie mode. Even though not being as good as it started, the phones still very premium to use. But Sony still lacks after-sale support for the phones.

     10. NokiaTop Ten smartphone companies

Ever since acquired by HMD global Nokia has started making good phones. But they are not quite there yet, I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying a Nokia phone over any other. There phones seem to show quite a bit of issues after purchase.

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